Sunday, June 04, 2006

Better Than Expected...

Well, it wasn't the best, but it could've been worse... Last night was a "Survivor Night" on a dry rough track and less than half of the twenty-four cars actually finished the A. But hey, it crossed the checker under it's own power and on the lead lap; crash avoidance was a key factor in that. ;)

It should be an interesting week -- The thought has been in the back of my mind for some time, but yesterday afternoon it was brought out into the open. What's it been, six or seven weeks of racing? The car has not been washed at all this year. I know that sounds bad, but it really didn't look all that nasty 'cause we've had a lot of those dry-slick-black tracks this season. Last night after the heat race, I had to lock 'em up to keep from hitting the water truck as I came down from the exit and every crumb of mud from the pits stuck all over my car.

Do we know what I'll be doin' when I get off work tomorrow... Oh, wait, tomorrow night is the last episode of "Everwood," and I really don't want to miss it. So maybe I can get away with putting it off 'til Tuesday night when Clay can come help.

Did I mention that I'm kinda hacked about this "Everwood" deal?? Why do the good shows get kicked to the curb when they're leavin' all kinds of sh!tty shows on the air??? The one good thing I can say about the whole deal is this: Judging by the commercials and previews, they wrote an ending instead of just getting canned without warning like some of the other (few) shows I've been crazy about (See Also: "Dark Angel"). It's been a great run, and I'm sad to see it go -- but it was bery, very well done...

Anyhow, It's Sunday and there's other stuff goin' on, so I'm gettin' away from the computer for a while.


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