Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is this crazy, or is it just me?

A few months ago, a body shop called us up and ordered a tailgate for a Chevy Truck.

Amazingly enough, we had one. It was black, and it was really nice, and it had all it's parts, the handle, the latches, the inside panel, the trim, and everything. It was so nice, looked like it had been oh-so-carefully lifted very gently from the back of a really nice truck, probably wrapped in a blanket and laid carefully into the back of a minivan or something like that. It was that niiiiii-iiiii-iiiice.

We delivered it, sans blanket and minivan, but nonetheless, a nice, shiny, black tailgate.

A few weeks later, the body shop calls back. They don't need it anymore. They ask for a refund. They ask us to come pick it up.

When we get there, it's been totally taken apart. The metal shell has been sanded down to the primer and sprayed white around the edges and all of the other removable parts are gone. When we call back, it takes 'em forever to root through their stuff and find all the pieces and send 'em back here.

Even though the tailgate we got back was far, far from the quality of the tailgate we sent to 'em, they don't take kindly to the thought of paying a restocking fee.


Now, fast-forward, it's several months later. The same body shop calls, now they specifically ask for a black tailgate for a Chevy truck.

"Well, I've got that one that was black when y'all got it the last time..."


"If we couldn't laugh, we'd just all go insane."


_\,,/ More later.



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