Thursday, July 29, 2010

"The shit you been through..."

I had this thought of writing a fairly long piece, as a salute of sorts, to a couple who touched my life several years ago, but I'm keepin' it short 'cause I just don't think my words could do 'em justice.

Tulsa World Article

Kenny & Debbie were friends of a guy I used to spend a good bit of time with, they were kind-hearted people who were fun to hang out with when they had the time -- it seemed like they were always busy, always going, traveling, doing; Kenny embodied that phrase "busy livin'," and together, he and Debbie were one of those couples who seemed so permanent, I was a little shocked to see the word "boyfriend" in the newspaper article, I just thought they were married.

For all the questions I may never know the answers to, I know without a doubt they Loved each other.

For all my love of storytellers, Kenny was the first person I'd ever heard give a first-hand account of climbing out of a wheelchair to jump out of an airplane, and it was quite a story.

For two people who survived a lot of rough patches and lived a lot of life, it breaks my heart to think it ended so suddenly and so close to home.

For two people who met the end way too soon, I hope there was no pain, no fear, no evil...


Here's to you, Kenny, your buddy's ex girlfriend sends her best -- hope it's okay that I used a bit of a song for a title here, it just seemed to fit.



Blogger ♥Georgie♥ said...

I think your tribute is perfect! sorry for your loss...

8:55 PM  

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