Friday, June 09, 2006

The English Problem...

In the course of back-n-forth with myself over whether or not to write this post, I've started to worry... What if not making a greater attempt at a soloution makes me part of the problem?? What if I could have made a difference? What if I had just given a straight answer to the question that was asked?? Next time will be different. Now, the scene opens with a phone call during an ordinary (read: boring) day at work:

Caller: Uh, I was calling...

I just stay quiet and keep listening, Duh, you're calling, I'm answering the phone.

Caller: "How much would you take for a ninety three Taurus?"

Me: (Pause, considering reply of as much as I could get, then instead of being a smartass, I figure it's best to let "retail politeness" handle this) "Well, is it crashed or not running or what?"

Caller: "It just needs a new battery."

Me: "Hmmm... Hang on, I'll put The Boss on the phone."

I listen from the other end of the counter as he says something like "oh, I couldn't give that much" and then offers seventy five for it, citing the high cost of fuel to drive over and pick it up.

Then they hang up.

Then the phone rings right back.

Caller: "Uh, I was just on the phone and he said seventy five, I was gonna offer him a hundred..."

Me: (once again, instead of being a smartass) "Hang on, I'll put him back on the phone."

So, would it have been a better idea for me to just answer the question like it was asked and say "Okay, gimme a hundred dollars and I'll come get it." ??? Seriously, if you want to sell something, you don't call up somebody and talk about it like you're looking to buy one!

It's sad to think that as much as I gripe about the "HoMeSkOoLeD" phenomenon, the public school system probably isn't doing much better.

It's also sad to think that as much as we all gripe about the illegals, this rant is not about someone who might say "Habla Espanol?" -- it's about someone who would say "Youseewhati'msayin'" every other breath.

"This Is My Country..."

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