Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ragtop Fever Makes Tuesday Feel Like Friday...

My TwentyCarlo.com has Gone Pink as of this morning, it's a bit of a drastic change, especially since I'm usually not that into pink; but it's for a good cause, Breast Cancer Awareness. Here's one for the Grandmother I barely knew -- and also for millions of women everywhere, 'cause everybody loves boobies, right? Yeah, everybody loves boobies; just ask that massive bundle of mardi-gras beads I wore home from the Chili Bowl a couple years ago.

Last night, I got the little white ragtop out for this lovely bit of warm weather -- probably the last of it before winter gets here.

We're goin' to The Fair tonight, just 'cause it's Tuesday, and I'm sure it'll be the usual festival of people-watching.

Someone found me by Googling something about a Cop; and now they'll probably find me by that Chili Bowl reference. Heh heh...

If "Tonni" is Googling for her own name, maybe she'll find me too... Hi Tonni, I just bought your Mac at a Pawn Shop in Tulsa, I found your porn, and I found that letter you were writing. Yeah, you know the one, and that ain't even right!

Clean off the hard drive before you sell those things!!

More later... _\,,/


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