Friday, September 08, 2006

Jinx-Free Friday...

Last night when we finally decided on Pizza Hut for dinner (I know, I know, "nobody cares what you had for lunch," stay with me, I'm goin' somewhere here), I decided it would be a safer bet to walk in and order and then wait around instead of calling first and then driving in. While it's not the traditional method for the pizza business, when it comes to ordering food, I'd rather talk to a face than a phone. There's less possibility for error that way and I can make it very clear what I want -- and I can see 'em so if they look confused I'll know if I need to explain very slowly.

Owasso has changed a lot in the years since I was in school. Where the original seventies-style Pizza Hut used to be, there's a crummy Mexican restaurant. (Seriously, if they keep that creepy Heinz green ketchup on every table, what's that tell ya?) Food Lion (TP Central) is a Movie Theater now. Tastee-Freeze is completely gone, nothin' but flat green grass now. The old football field is usually crammed with soccer players and the pressbox isn't even Owasso's colors anymore since they built the big fancy one on the grounds of the highschool. The highschool doesn't look anything like it used to, and now the Pizza Hut is right across the street from the blacktop with the football field lines painted on it; the one where we always had band rehearsals 'cause the actual football field was a couple miles West and too far away to make it back to regular classes on time.

Last night when I went to the fantastic-new-modern Pizza Hut, I happened to catch a Band Rehearsal in progress, and it was fascinating. Last year, Clay and I went to the Homecoming game (mostly just to see the band), and I was rather disappointed. It was nothing like the shows we busted our azses for when I was in Band; nothing like the marching contest videos that still make me get emotional after all these years. I spent most of the half-time performance with tears in my eyes and a hand over my gaping mouth.

I'm happy to report that this group looks good in rehearsal; from what I could see. Bear in mind that sittin' in my car across the street was about like what one would see from the visiting team's bench, but still, it looked good compared to last year's "here's a flag, now run and wave it."

I can't wait to go to a game... Maybe there won't be any crying this time...



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