Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Weekend Update, Via Disjointed Wednesday...

One Of The Coolest Things I Saw In Joplin:

The Hearse Show was a pretty cool little get-together; saw some fun stuff, visited with some fun people, did a little shopping. We had a nice trip -- and don't ya know, I couldn't pass up an out-of-state Hobby Lobby. I carried home some clearance sale needles and a book about Sock Knitting; I just haven't had time to read any of it yet.


I'm wearing my "Squirrels Gone Wild" shirt today, and I'm gonna wear it to Church tonight. Not that I want anyone to Worship me or anything, I'm just goin' for a laugh or tow, Squirreldammit.


HoMeSkOoL DaD just re-discovered Go0gle M@ps... I'd been lookin' through a list of yards tryin' to decide which one was closest and could possibly meet me halfway with a Chrysler door to get my ass out of a trap and I didn't close the window. He's over there surfin' around the map, and it still has my "Lebanon, MO" in the search blank. He's surfed west a good bit, and decides he wants to see Moab. Now, I appreciate the curiosity -- I get a kick outta lookin' at the satellite images as much as anybody else. He asks "So how do I get to see Moab?" So I tell him that he can type it in the box and it'll put an arrow to it, and I turn back to what I'm doing. I've typed a bit, caught up on some blogs, and then he says "How come it's in Arizona and it won't let me see Moab?" and when I turn to look, he's got "Mojave" typed in the box.

"Well, that's not Moab, is it?"


The Skiatook McDonald's SUCKS, and no, I didn't G0ogle-proof that. It SUCKS like a brand-new Shop-Vac and I work too far away from it to drive back up there for my damn chicken and this is the second time something like this has happened. This time, I checked the bag before I drove away and there was a box in there -- but there were only four of 'em in it, even though it had 6's all over it. I guess even those illiterate illegals who can't even count to six have to work somewhere, but gawd, if I wanted Quatro nuggets, I would've got a damn grumpy meal so I could have a toy along with it.

I was quite seriously considering that Microwave-Oatmeal-for-Lunch idea, but the Microwave made a creepy popping noise and quit makin' heat this morning.


It's white pill week, bitch week, but I swear that's not my sole reason for bein' bitchy.


On a lighter note, the white paint on the side of the ol' Twenty-Bago turned out a lot better than I'd expected; it looks much better than that Grey Primer that had been sprayed over the vinyl because somebody didn't want to mess with peelin' it off.


I'm quittin' before I get bitchy again...

More later. _\,,/

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