Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Invisible Bruises?

I guess yesterday's post was a little longer than they've been lately. It felt good to just keep typing, so I did.

When I finally made it to bed, I slept quite well and made it to work on time in spite of being up later than usual. This morning at work, it seemed like I might've had a bump or a sore spot below my right shoulder, but I feel pretty good and I'm especially glad to be getting rid of this cough & cold mess.

At lunch time, I left here in the parts truck to drop an intake off on my way to pick up sandwiches. The parts truck has a stock, small half-ton-pickup steering wheel, which is probably about the same diameter, but a much smaller grip than the one on the Excursion. Combined with the lack of "nifty accessory" steering wheel cover (from The Salvation Army), it's also not quite as soft.

Against the stiffer, smaller steering wheel, something didn't feel quite right.

I can't see any discoloration, but I'm pretty sure I have pipe-wrench-shaped bruises in my hands.

While that was on my mind, at highway speed, I got to thinkin' I couldn't exactly remember if I'd put that pipe wrench back where I got it from. Did I lay it back on the bench in the garage?? What did I do with it?

When I put the parts truck in park, I discovered the pipe wrench layin' on the back bumper of the Excursion.


Oh well, at least it stayed put!




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