Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ugh, you're gonna write about that???

Yeah, I am gonna write about that, 'cause it happened -- and if Bucky can write about it, why can't I?

Seriously, there's more to me than this whole dirt-track celebrity thing, right? Heh heh, I can't believe I just typed that.

Anyhow... The Doctor's Appointment was a lot easier to handle than I thought it was gonna be. She was very understanding and even "made the appropriate face" when I told her about my Bad Experience with the "Small-Town Family Doctor." I guess I'd been forcing myself to find the humor in that whole ordeal so long I'd managed to forget how hideous it actually was. Ah yes, the new OB/GYN is awesome -- very skilled at chatting as a distraction -- much like they say on "Reno-911," "Speak their language, just get 'em in the car." heh heh...

Now, see there? I managed to write about it with grace and very little detail...

If I can just get through the follow-up appointment, I'll be fine. If Clay can handle me being all clingy & needy again in three weeks like I was last night, we'll be just fine.

Yup, we'll be just fine.


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