Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Retail Public Revisited...

After the cable installer dude left, I was standin' here by the PC tryin' to get it to open up the 'net through the new router and the new cable modem, and here comes the walk-in retail public. I say hello, and as he's pullin' up a bar stool, I'm finishin' up with tryin' one more thing, 'cause I'd been trying "just one more thing" to try & make it work.

This guy says "Well, if you can pull yourself away from your solitaire game..."

Grrrr... Oh, no, feckin' around with trying to make the PC work didn't have me in a mood at all, did it? Maybe I'm not so bad off with my people skills -- I really wanted to just say "feck-u" and walk off, but I didn't, so I'm doin' pretty good!

Later, after lunch...

So, I'm standin' here talkin' plumbing with the UPS Man (I know, we're wierd), and the phone rings. As I'm answering it, the UPS Man waves buh-bye and heads on out the door.

The voice on the phone asks "Who else is there besides you?"

Still in a happy mood from laughing and joking with my UPS Man, I answer "Well, right this minute, it's me and the UPS Man."

The voice on the phone comes back with, "No, I mean working there, who else is there besides you?"

Uncle Feckers.

Seriously, it would probably be really nice to just do it all in writing; I'm a lot better at composing a well-written piece than I am at dealin' with gunkies on the phone.

On the brighter side, we have High-Speed at the shop now! And it's pretty damn sweet...


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