Thursday, April 19, 2007

Your Attention Please, Auction Sellers...

(How sad is it that I'm typing "Auction" because the HoMeSkOoLeRz use G00gle to find that one particularly huge online auction site?)

Online Auction Sellers, and other folks who ship things through the mail or UPS, this one's for you.

Please, please, be sure to carefully pack those items so that they arrive safe and un-damaged. Do I really have to tell y'all this??

Take a look at this little item right here:

This is the "Hub," found in the center of every CD and DVD box. Now, in a CD box, you can get away with being a little careless because there's no room for the CD to move around inside the box, with or without the hub. When shipping a DVD, the hub is very important because a DVD box is significantly larger where there's room for the DVD to slide around. Everybody knows the Post Office is not very careful with things and the Mail Man has more imoportant things to do than to carefully carry that padded envelope so that the disc does not move around. Sellers and Shippers, it's your job to make sure the DVD is pressed onto the hub like this:

If you can hear the disc rattling about inside the box, it will rattle about inside the box, sanding the hell out of the play-surface of the disc, all the way from wherever you are to wherever the buyer, who paid good money for that disc, is waiting for it to arrive. We, as buyers, spend our money to buy movies because we want to watch movies, not because we need shiny coasters -- which is basically what we get when you fail to make sure the disc is seated on the hub before sealing the envelope.

This disc won't play:

I have enough coasters; when I want to buy a movie, I want to see a movie; not a shiny coaster.

That's all for now, end-of-rant.



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