Monday, February 04, 2008

I was going to post...

Earlier today, I had something I thought I'd write about, so I opened this window. I ended up doing other stuff and once I closed all those other windows, this one was here waiting for me.

What was it I had on my mind?

I don't have a clue.

It's warm, which is very nice, but it's tremendously humid and everything is damp, including my hair and my shirt and every piece of paper I've picked up all day. If it was rain, I'd say it's most likely my fault, since I spent six dollars runnin' the Mark 8 through a car wash on Saturday.

So far, only two people have asked if I watched the Soup-Or-Bowl, and no, I did not. I made dip (a whole jar of salsa poured over two brick-size packages of "processed cheese food" and microwaved 'cause I get sick of trying to get my aged crockpot clean afterward) and we ate a fair share of chips with it; but we alternated between watching monster trucks and Nat Geo's piece on babies.

I guess the last Soup-Or-Bowl that I halfway watched was the one with Michael (oops) Janet Jackson's "Wardrobe Malfunction," whichever one that was -- and even then, I was really there for the chips and dip, and possibly that guy who'd invited me. The actual "chances" between him and me ranked right up there with the chances that Janet's boob popped out on accident. Seriously, she planned that -- why else was there jewelry on it if she didn't plan on lettin' the whole world see it??

Now that I'm thinkin' about it, that dip that we had at that little get-together was really good...

I gotta go get some more salsa and mix it up with Cream Cheese.

But just watch, I'll forget all about that idea by the time I get off work.

More later. _\,,/



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