Friday, January 30, 2009

Quick one for Friday afternoon.

So, I'm standin' here workin' the counter and bein' real thankful for the fantastic new heater that's keepin' my lower half super-toasty when I hear an unfamiliar voice yelling out in the shop.

"Heyyyyyyyy! Hey-ey-heyyyy!"

What the...

So, I head toward the door that connects the lobby to the shop, and see someone I don't know.

What the hell?

If you're looking at the outside of an automotive-related business (that you or your family does not own), and you see a person-size walk-in door with an "OPEN" sign on it next to a ten-feet-wide, twenty-feet-tall truck-size garage door that says "NO ADMITTANCE," which one would you want to walk in through?

Is it just me, or does it seem a little invasive to just go walkin' in through that truck-size door just 'cause it happens to be open? Is it just me, or does it seem like there might be some odd chance of getting run over by a truck or fork lift driven by someone who didn't realize you were there 'cause hey, they usually don't let just anybody in there?

I used to joke about people callin' someplace like CompUSA when their dishwasher quit... Now I realize, it's not a joke, it's completely real and totally serious, they probably are. Some of them may even be putting their garbage out in front of Bus Stop signs and wondering where the hell that Garbage Truck is and why the trash is still there.

So, Mr. Walk-In comes through the door that separates the Lobby from the Shop, and asks about something for a Chevy Cavalier. When I tell him we handle Ford parts, he looks me right in the eyes and says "Oh, Ford parts..." pauses for a second, and right about the time I notice the apron, he asks "So how'bout a Dodge Caravan?"

I'm not bullshitting.

After he made his way out (back through the damn shop and through that "NO ADMITTANCE" door), I got to thinkin' about the apron...

Apparently he was from that scary little restaurant whose kitchen screen door faces our far South gate.

So... If I were to walk right over there and blunder through that screen door into that restaurant kitchen and say something like "Y'all got any sausage? Can I get a pizza?" I wonder what would happen...

I'm betting it wouldn't be "We don't make pizza here." They'd probably just chase my ass outta there.

Maybe CompUSA has some pizza!

Heh heh...

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