Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Day After Hump-Day...

Looks cloudy out there, we could use a little rain to cool this place off. Knowin' Oklahoma though, it would either be just enough to make it steamy or so much we have to get out the tarps to keep it off the computers.


My "Wax Job" is starting to grow back in a bit, but it's not really visible, only feelable. Is "feelable" a word?? Anyhow, I look good enough to wear shorts, but I can feel just a little bit of it comin' back in. All-in-all, I think I'm happy with the deal; even though I'm not sure when I'll get around to doin' it again. As nice as it is, it did hurt a bit -- but it was certainly easier to deal with than razor burn & chlorinated pool water.


What happened to The Mirror Project??? I tried yesterday and today, and it's gone! I sure hope it hasn't completely disappeared; I just took a new picture yesterday when they brought Grandma's Car in.


Speakin' of Grandma's Car, yeah, it's here. I dunno, might be a total, might not. From what I can see without tearin' into anything, to an Insurance Company it's probably a total; to a Salvage Yard, it just might be a fixer if somebody was willing to put the effort in. I'm thinkin' that if the wreck was the other car's fault, the insurance company will probably have to just buy it -- if it was "The Massage Therapist"s fault, we'll probably have to fix it back so her lousy no-drivin' azs will have transportation.

Even though there's still no word on whose fault it was, my money's on TMT. You can look at the car and tell she's just not careful with it. If she was careful with it, it wouldn't have the handle ripped off the glovebox and it wouldn't have the speaker grilles bashed in. If she gave a d@mn about it, she wouldn't have left that broken mirror swingin' and rubbin' the paint off the door -- geez, how hard is it to get some tape and wrap it up to keep from just hangin' down there?

Nothing survives unscathed, nothing is safe from TMT, not even the Little Smiley Valve Stem Lid Guy...

Now what the he11 did Little Smiley Valve Stem Lid Guy ever do to TMT? What? Little Smiley Valve Stem Lid Guy ain't never done no wrong by nobody, and now he's lost an eye because of TMT's careless disregard! It's all fun and games 'til somebody loses an eye!


Wow, I was turnin' into a nut-job there for a minute, wasn't I?

Okay, I'll quit it...

More later. _\,,/

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