Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Big Deer. Really, Really Big Deer.

I know that PodCasts and DialUp really don't mix, but I've been doin' the MP3 player thing a lot more since I got that SD Card Player. As a Mac Nerd, you can bet I'd Loooooove an iPod, but I'm just too tight to go buy one just yet -- same as I'd probably really like DSL, but I'm a cheapskate. I do like my cheap little $24 SD Card MP3 player though; it's tiny enough to just drop in my purse (My Rio seems kinda big) and it holds more music than my Rio too. I like being able to use those SD cards for whatever I need to use 'em for -- The Camera, the MP3 Player, Transferring files back & forth between the iBook and the PC...

So, through NPR's website, I found a little PodCast that I've been downloading to listen to when I get bored with the actual radio. "Love And Radio" reminds me a little of "This American Life," and the episode I just finished was fascinating. If you're interested in that kinda thing, check out loveandradio.org and listen to the one about Ghost Stories -- the last story at the end, the one with the kitchen cabinet and "Help Me" just really pulled me in.

Maybe that's why I had such a strange string of dreams last night... Or maybe it's the heat. Or maybe it was something I ate. Maybe it's all the different lot cars I've been runnin' around in. Or maybe it's 'cause I was watching "Sex And The City" before I went to bed.


It started out with me hangin' out with a couple of my friends (Congrats on the New Baby, Y'all!), at their house, (something I have done, but not a lot) and we were going to go somewhere, like to some store or something, I'm not sure. Then we ended up at a gathering of people, almost like a church service, but not really; and Dave was there with another woman. This struck me a bit odd, but I wasn't completely mad, just a little irritated; so I approached them and he sent her away for a bit to talk to me. He was warm and loving, but as soon as she came back, he was cold and distant again, almost like he barely knew me. As I turned to walk away, someone grabbed me and held me, and it was just what I needed... I couldn't see a face or identify the person, but I'm sure it was Clay 'cause it just felt that way, I laid my head on his chest and he held me for a while and it just felt like it was him, it was where I wanted to be, it was just right. I had to leave (not sure where I was going) and so I headed for the car; walking out across a tiled floor, and I could hear the sound of my footsteps very distinctly as I walked (like maybe cowboy boots?) Somehow, the gathering of people I'd been in earlier was now more like a diner, with booths that had shiny black seats and shiny chrome trim and only a few people sitting around. The row of three or four parked cars was in amongst the tables, so I went around behind the car to make sure I had enough room to back out. It was a big black convertible with the top already down, I'm not sure what it was, but it belonged to My Dad, so I'm sure it was a Ford product of some type (older, like fifties or so, and Biiiiig). I thought to myself as I was backing out that it seemed odd that Dad would let me take it, but that at least I wasn't sneakin' it out this time like I had done with the other one (yeah, dream-thoughts, I've never snuck a car out, never). I backed out carefully so I wouldn't hit any of the other cars or any of the tables, and then I was making my way through a parking lot at dusk. I heard some people yelling and then there were lots of Deer, big ones, small ones, little spotted Bambi-lookin' ones, just running all through the parking lot, across in front of me and beside me. I slowed down to a crawl to make sure I didn't hit any of them, and the car was strangely difficult to deal with, like it didn't want to stop completely, so I was trying to shift it out of "drive" and into "neutral" and the gearshift got all funky. I settled for a slow crawl and was just trying not to hit any of the deer when I saw the man with the gun. It was a guy we'd sold a transmission to (really) a couple weeks ago, and he recognized me from seeing me at the shop. He saw that I was getting a little anxious about the whole deer situation (much like my "Dog Anxiety" issue) and said he was trying to take care of the problem. I'd got the car almost stopped and was talking to him when a few of the deer started coming toward the car. One really huuuuuge deer came up to the front of the car, and I was worried that it was going to do that whole rub-n-lean thing like those d@mn cows did to my F-250. It came right up to the front of the car and leaned over the windshield, it was huge, as in bigger than a horse, it had mean-lookin' eyes, and it was leaning and reaching over the windhshield and into the car and trying to nibble on my right wrist. The man was going to shoot it, but he said it was too close to me and to the car, and I was just "paralyzed with fear" and it was gnawing at my wrist as I woke up.

When I woke up, I'm pretty sure I was in exactly the same position I fell asleep in and I hadn't moved at all. I didn't check the time.

I know, I know, nobody wants to read about anybody else's dreams... Or do they? Anyway, I'm not going to make a habit of that, I just wanted to get it outta my head before I forgot.

More later... _\,,/

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