Friday, July 14, 2006


Where else can you find an 8 or 12 year old riding a bike or razor scooter up to a fridge and standing there with the door open for ten minutes trying to decide between Dr Pepper and Mountain Dew?

I kept telling myself I wasn't gonna b!tch about that particular topic on the Blog, but it's what's on my mind, it's what's bothering me, it's what I wanna get off my chest.

I guess there are so many little gems of knowledge I've taken for granted due to the fact that My Mom is/was not like most Moms, and I was just raised different. As a toddler, in order to get to the driveway (because the tricycle is an outdoor toy) I rode the tricycle through the middle of the garage between a '72 Pantera and a Smokey-N-The-Bandit Trans-Am; and yes, even as a toddler, I knew better than to touch either one of 'em, 'cause ya just don't do that. The only time you touch a car is to get in, and you only touch the door handle; no rubbing, no fingering, no marking up the dust, no leaning, no sitting; we just don't do that. We just don't. So that's why I said "Hey, HEY!! Don't RUB that!" when I saw the younger one walkin' the length of the race trailer draggin' his hand against it. I'm sure he thinks I'm a real b!tch; just like the college friend who attempted to sit her ass on the hood of My Car, and just like the now-ex boyfriend who tossed his keys across the top of My Car. We just don't do that. We don't spray-paint on things just for the fun of spraying paint, we just don't. We don't open a second can of 'Dew when there's a half-full one still sittin' on the counter, we just don't. We don't run/stomp/be-as-loud-as-we-can when we know someone's on the phone, we just don't. We don't walk up and start talking while someone else is talking, we just don't do that...

It's probably not entirely a "HoMeSkOoLeD" thing, I'm sure part of it is a parenting thing; and I guess it's because not all parents are like My Mom. My Mom is one of those problem-solver kinda people (and I'll have ya know, I was real proud to hear Clay say that about Me), she'll do the stop-look-think thing and try to figure things out before asking any stupid questions. The Homeschool thing scares me because of some of the airhead things I've seen outta this bunch... I just worry that they're not raising Thinkers -- you can't teach a kid everything they'll ever need to know, you have to teach 'em how to figure things out.

Yesterday I got to hear the older boy plead his case to the folks about wanting a lighter, not that I understand why... Maybe the Fourth of July was still on his mind -- that was one of the things he mentioned, anyway. And the movie "Grease," ya know, with the biiiig flame... Younger one jumps in and says that "Mom says he's old enough to have one 'cause _____'s got one..." Apparently that's one of their little buddies from "Church." (Yeah, I put "Church" in quotes for a reason, you guessed it.) I was kinda shocked. I was even more shocked when the older one said "And _____'s dad goes to church..."

Uhm, So? So going to "Church" means you're automatically smart? Smart enough to let your 12 year old "buy a lighter?" You gotta be 18 to buy 'em at QuickTrip, so does that mean QT is the devil now since they're not making the same decisions as those "Church" people??? If you take a dump in a Cheeto bag, does it turn into a Cheeto? If you put a football into the oven, does it turn into a Ham? Showing up at "Church" doesn't turn you into a good parent.

And don't even get me started on those highschool football players who crashed 'cause they were shooting paintballs at each other at highway speed.

"We don't do that, we just don't."

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