Monday, July 03, 2006

An Update From The PC...

...Because I don't have the iBook with me today. I know, Excuses, Excuses, dammit. In my fit of craziness which involved satisfying my severe case of "Ragtop Fever," I left my iBook at Clay's house last night. I'm sure he'll bring it to me this afternoon -- I don't have the software or the files to do a update from this PC. Ah, but through the use-it-anywere magic of Blogger, I can put my mild little update here!

'Twas a reasonable weekend in spite of the anxious feelings in regard to finding a voicemail from the Dr's office Friday evening when it was too late to call back. Saturday night was a decent night of racing, even though we didn't get to stay for the Fireworks -- nothin' tore up, no crashes -- but don't think I didn't try. Good Gawd, that 6 car was as wide as the track; he went in high every time and was back to the edge of the infield before he'd even made it to the straightaway every time. Every. Time. I kept tryin' to get up there to where he'd have to let-up of take a passenger door, but I just couldn't ever quite get up there enough to bet in the gap and get by; and yeah, I do wish I had just a little more car. I couldn't get by honestly, but Russell made it by with a hallelujah-holy-shit pass through the infield, cut turn four by two tires and managed to get by, it was a hell of a show from where I was and I still wish I could've followed him through there but it didn't work out.

Yesterday we took the little white Merc out to ride around some, drove it out to Mounds to play in the pool -- and I'm soooo not gonna put it back 'til they scream and gripe and make me put it up. Ah, summertime... Ah, Ragtop Fever!!

Oh, and I'm watchin' the mailbox... I'll be sure to write about that (and post pictures) when it gets here. ;)

So... Just for the fun of it, how'bout a little "Meme" from Robin... The instructions said at least one, no more than three:

Song(s) That I Loathe to the Core of My Being:
1. That Toby Keith song about putting boots in asses ... I can't remember its name.
2. That other Toby Keith song about "talk about me"
3. "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy"
(yeah, I have a lot of "top-forty contry" loathing, heh.)

Artist(s) That I Loathe to the Core of My Being:
1. Toby Keith
2. Rob Zombie kinda gets on my nerves...
3. All those overkill-cookie-cutter-idol-freaks.

Rolling Stones Song(s) I Love:
1. "Memory Motel" (the one with Dave Matthews)
2. "Girl With Far Away Eyes"
3. "Wild Horses"

Beatles Song(s) I Love:
1. "Get Back"
2. "Come Together"

Who Song(s) I Love:
Uuuhhhmmm... I guess I don't particularly care for The Who.

Reggae Song(s) I Love:
Uhm, this is bad, but I can't think of any titles... I remember hearin' some cool reggae tunes, but I don't remember much else.

Country Song(s) I Love:
1. "Last Thing I Needed First Thing This Morning" - Willie Nelson
2. "Gallo Del Cielo" - Joe Ely (I could put a buuuuunch of ol' Joe on here)
3. "Kentucky Wildcat" - The Kentucky Headhunters

Movie Soundtrack(s) I Love:
1. "Dazed & Confused" (Both CD's)
2. "Wayne's World"
3. "South Of Heaven, West Of Hell"

Musical soundtrack(s) I Love:
1. "Phantom Of The Opera"
2. "Cats"
3. "Les Miserables" (All three because we played 'em in Marching Band)

Cover Song(s) I Love:
1. James McMurtry & Joe Ely - "Ole Slewfoot"
2. Bruce Springsteen - "My Ride's Here"
3. The Del McCoury Band - "Vincent Black Lightning, 1952"

Contemporary Top-40 Artist(s) I Secretly Love:
Honestly, I just don't have any answers for this one...

Song(s) That Bring Me to Tears:
1. Macy Gray - "Sweet Sweet Baby" (For David)
2. Norah Jones - "Wurlitzer Prize" (Same as above, and yeah, it's a cover too)
3. Brooks & Dunn - "Why Did I Say Goodbye" (Yeah, all that cryin' comes from the same place, oddly enough)
3.5. "Keep Me In Your Heart For a While" from the Warren Zevon Tribute CD (only three, only three)

Song(s) That Make Me Shake My Ass:
1. Macy Gray's "A Moment To Myself" (among others)
2. Southern Culture's "Twistin' On A Red Hot Spike" (Stripper Song! Yeah, Baby!)
3. (I hate like hell to admit it, but) Afroman's "She Won't Let Me..." (It shakes my ass and cracks my ass up!!)

Classical Composer(s) I Love:
Maurice Ravel
John Barnes Chance
Alfred Reed
Frank Ticheli
(wait, wait, have to stop at three!)

Rap/Hip-Hop Song(s) I Love:
1. That hip-hop B-side version of The Rolling Stones "Love Is Strong" (wish I could find another copy of that)
2. Macy Gray's "Gimme All Your Lovin' (or I Will Kill U and Cry When You're Dead)
3. The Black-Eyed Peas (With Macy) - "Request Line"

70s Disco Song(s) I Love:
Uhm, Fleetwood Mac's "You Make Lovin' Fun" has always seemed disco-y to me...

70s Supergroup Song(s) I Love:
1. Define "supergroup". Umm ... "Freebird" - Lynyrd Skynyrd (yeah, I left Robin's answer there)
2. The Cult's "Fire Woman"
3. Was Foghat considered a "Supergroup?" I loooove "Stay With Me"

Metal Song(s) I Love:
1. AC-DC's "Ballbreaker"
2. Metallica's "Ronnie"
3. Buckcherry's "Lit Up" (also, "Ridin'," I know, stop at three, stop at three!)

New Wave Song(s) I Love:
Uuuhhhmmm... I don't think I have any answers for that one either...

Soul/R&B Song(s) I Love:
I can only think of one, "At Last" by Etta James, does that count?

Power Ballad(s) I Love:
The only ones I can think of are ones I hate. Not a favorite genre of mine ... Let's pretend I love "Home Sweet Home" by Motley Crue, okay? (uh, yeah, me too)

Pre 1950s Song(s) I Love:
I can't think of anything pre-50's, I guess I ain't been payin' attention...

Punk Song(s) I Love:
Does German Techno count as Punk here? I didn't think so...

Singer/Songwriter Song(s) I Love:
1. J.J. Cale - "Magnolia"
2. John Bell (Widespread Panic) - "Longer Look"
3. James McMurtry - "Choctaw Bingo"

MTV Video(s) I Love:
Like I ever get to watch MTV.

Songs To Have Sex To:
1. Southern Culture's "Twistin' On A Red Hot Spike"
2. Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk"
3. The Rolling Stones "Sister Morphine" (Yeah, odd, I know, but I stuck with just three on the Stones question, so it was on my mind)

Guilty Pleasures:
Dirty Billy-Bob fantasies, even though his CD's kinda make me feel like makin' fun of him...

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