Thursday, August 03, 2006

Now, About That Shower Curtain...

Yesterday after I wrote that little post that involved a certain bodily function, I hopped in the parts truck to take a Dash to one of the bodyshops on my way to the Ear specialist's office...

My patience with local radio is limited, and I forgot to grab any CD's so I was stuck with the one that I leave in the truck all the time. Then I remembered my MP3 player -- the fun little item bouncin' around in my purse almost all the time now. (BTW, don't try to drive with the headphones on, okay? It's just not very smart.) Aha! A PodCast!!

So I flip through to my "Love And Radio" folder and start playing the next one I haven't listened to yet ('cause I downloaded 'em all).

You'll never believe the topic...

Get ready...


Yup, people tellin' stories about pee. Ain't the internet grand? Their stories were pretty funny, not quite as side-splitting as that one that "former friend" told me about her man yankin' back the shower curtain on her, but still, pretty d@mn funny. Heh.

The internet is fascinating, it's a people-watcher's dream. It can tear things down, and it can build things up; I choose to believe in and support to positive aspects, the things that bring us together and remind us that we're not that different after all.

Everybody does it -- so who knows, as a discussion topic, it's probably safer than politics or Nascar or gay marriage.

More later... _\,,/

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