Monday, July 31, 2006

A Year Ago Today...

A year ago today was a Sunday... I slept late, barely made it to church in Owasso, and spent the afternoon with my Mom & Dad. We had lunch, we visited a couple cemetaries, and we drove around a bit. It was a nice afternoon even though not anything particularly memorable happened.

The reason I remember that Sunday is because I was achy & sore from the bleachers and also just a little wore-out from being out so late the night before. When I finally came into the house that Saturday night (okay, actually Sunday morning), the clock on the oven said "3:51 AM." I remember thinkin' we'd really hit it off, and surely a first date that lasts ten hours has to mean there's something there.

The MLRA Late Models (and Pure & Factory Stocks) put on a pretty cool show at Salina and we had a nice time flirting and sharing cheese fries. He didn't jump when I reached for his hair, I didn't gasp when he dropped the F-bomb; we had a very lovely evening. I'm not sure what time we got back to my house -- we sat in the truck a few minutes and then went to the tailgate. I remember seeing the moon just over the top of the house when I sat down; we talked for a long time without ever getting bored with each other, and then the moon was way, waaaaaay up high in the sky when we finally called it a night. 3:51 AM.

And a whole lot of things have changed around here since...

Happy Anniversary, Baby!! :)

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