Saturday, November 25, 2006

Like Anybody Wanted To Read About The Hole(s) In My Head...

Well, I still haven't missed a single day!

After writing about "Lost Tulsa" yesterday, today's shopping outing included a stop at Tulsa's own one-of-a-kind Starship.

It's true what they say, the new place isn't quite the same as the two little houses over by TU; but it's still Starship. Just like the first time I ever saw the place way back in highschool, I could still go nuts in there and spend up every dime I've got. I managed to keep it under twenty bucks this time though; got the new BuckCherry CD ('cause "Crazy Bitch" is pretty damn cool) and another little horseshoe for that newest hole in my ear.

I'm wondering if I need to wait a little longer to put it in though -- I switched from the original "ear gun" stud to an older "professional ear gun" stud because it's a teensy bit bigger; and also because the original one was a prong mount which caught on my pillowcase just about every night. I finally managed to hunt up that pair of bezel mounted diamond-oids; the old style ones, ya know, from way back when there was only one kind of piercing earring.

I got my first "extra hole" in '99 just after I met David (uhm, as in before I broke up with J) because I showed up at his cousin's house about ten minutes after Dave had got his ear pierced -- "Heyyy, what'cha gonna do with the match to that?" So I took it... Nobody noticed for quite a while; but My Mom finally figured out Dave and I had both turned up with new earrings at the same time & put 2 & 2 together.

Dave was working for a plumbing company then, and they made him cover it up when he was on the clock. Band-aids don't exactly promote healing when you have to peel 'em off a fresh piercing -- so he took it out and gave up on the idea. I kept that stud in my purse for the longest time; but eventually, I ended up wearing both of 'em for a while, and then they were both in the jewelry box together, and even though I'm obsessive, I didn't keep track of which one was his and which one was mine. Not that it makes any difference, but one of 'em was turning green when I finally managed to fish 'em out -- so I scrubbed up the non-green one and stuck it in there to stretch this newest hole a teensy bit. It's still a little touchty-sore every now & then, so I'm not too sure I'm ready to hang a hoop in it just yet.

I really don't know how I wandered off into that, but I guess it's just the point of NaBloPoMo -- to sit down and write and see what all flies out. So there ya go!

More tomorrow, because Clay's a sweetie and he reminds me on the weekends!



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