Thursday, November 16, 2006

If I Had $1,540...

Eleven months at $140 a month adds up to $1,540.

I had a professor a few years ago whose story about "How Can I Be A Happy Customer?" has certainly stayed with me. That's the question I'm askin' today.

This Just In: The ol' man says that I "make it worse by the way I handle things." Oh, I'm sorry, did he not notice that this isn't a brand-new thing? Did he not notice I've been trying to "gracefully" deal with this little problem for several months???

If you paid $140 a month for someone to cut your grass, but your grass was ass-high all the time, you'd be unhappy, right? If you'd been trying since July to talk 'em into doin' something about that ass-high grass, you'd be irritated, right? If you'd had to get out there and fight the grass yourself just to get it taken care of, even though someone still wanted that $140 a month, you'd be pissed off, right?

That's where I'm at with my Health Insurance Company right now. I'm still getting Lab bills from way back in the summer -- even though my Insurance Agent/Saleslady (who said she'd "get it taken care of for me" the first two times I called) says my policy is supposed to cover $300 worth of lab work for the "Yearly Physical." If I still have to pay for everything, then why am I letting them suck $140 out of my checking account every month???

I really thought I'd got a good deal with this company -- but I guess I was right to worry about 'em when we started getting telemarketing calls from 'em a couple months after I signed up. I think they were even hiring salespeople off CraigsList; and there sure was a surge of salespeople comin' around shortly after I got my policy -- it was funny, they'd kinda melt when I'd say "Well, I already have _______ Insurance, _____ _____ beat ya to it."

Yeah, I giggled a little, but now I'm thinkin' "Oh Gawd, I bought Insurance from a shitty telemarketing company."

I'm seriously considering going to the bank for a stop-payment. Hey, if they're not payin', I'm not payin'.

More later...


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