Monday, November 27, 2006

Sharing My Birthday, and Sharing a Bit Of The Magic...

Last night as we were leaving The Crab's house (after a completely Lovely Birthday Steak-n-Cake), Clay said "Well, tomorrow's a big day, you better write about it..."

The first thing that came to mind was the little fuzzy baby that shares my birthday. Or, well, close enough -- she was eight weeks old when I got her -- she's still a small kitty, and I really can't believe she's five years old now.

Five years ago, the year I turned twenty-five, I was engaged and just about as close to shacked-up as I could be. I stayed with Dave a lot, probably more than I stayed at home with Mom. In a neat old house in the middle of a hundred and sixty acres, I had quite a bit of my stuff moved in already and the dining room table was just about covered up with flowers and "wedding stuff."

We had Shadow, the twenty-pound occasional speeyacker, and he was the baby -- he'd wait for me to open the door after I took a shower and he'd come in and rub up against me even if I was soakin' wet. He slept in our bed; usually under my right arm. Uh, yeah, he was (and still is) spoiled completely rotten. We'd talked about getting a little kitten so he'd have a "buddy," but I didn't push it -- I'd like to have a little tiny baby kitten, but if he didn't want one, that was okay too.

One morning a couple days before my birthday, we had some stupid argument about something -- I don't even remember what. I never ever got to the point that I was ready to throw my stuff in my car and leave, I never thought of giving up, but that morning I decided I'd stay the night with Mom to give us both a little rest and do a little more packing for the eventual move. As we were getting ready to leave the house that morning, he took the cat carrier. What the hell? It was the start of a near-argument. I was tired of fighting, but I asked anyway -- he said he had to go get a big ol' 'coon out of somebody's attic that day. Hello? That's Shadow's carrier, he could catch any disease in the world from whatever a "big ol' 'coon" might leave in there, so why not use the crummy carrier that's out in the barn?? I said my piece and headed on out to the car to go to work.

Dave called me at work that day and asked if I'd come stay with him that night, he said he "needed to talk to me," and that he'd bring home dinner. I went to the house as soon as I left work, and waiting for him to get there was the longest evening of my life. I'd never been so stressed about anything. I remember watching from the laundry room window as he drove up the hill; I watched him get out of the van and go around to the passenger side and then I went to meet him at the door.

I'll never forget the smile and the look in his eyes as he came up the steps with two Mazzio's Pizza boxes in one hand and the cat carrier in the other. "Happy Birthday!" and he handed the carrier to me with a crying little tiny fuzzy baby kitten inside.

She was eensy-teensy and fuzzy as could be; a tortise-shell colored ball of fluff just big enough to sit in my hand and just cute enough to steal my heart. Then I got scared. I was terrified of how Shadow would handle another cat in the house -- Shadow's a lot like me; big, green-eyed, sheds hair everywhere -- I didn't do well with extra people in the house, what if he doesn't do well with another kitty in the house? I was almost afraid to let my heart open up to her, because I was afraid she'd end up being a little snack for twenty-pound ShadowCat.

Amazingly enough, he took to her just like a "little sister," they play together a good bit. She's still got her claws, so that helps the size match just a bit; and if he gets tired of putting up with her, he just pushes her away. They're near opposites; Shadow's a snuggler and loves to be luuuved on and loves to be brushed -- Hannah's never really got past the "playful kitten stage," she refuses the brush, doesn't mind being picked up occasionally, but acts as if a good petting would be the end of her. "Don't mess me up!" She fits her name (from the Robin Trower song) quite well.

Happy Birthday, cute fuzzy little Birthday Kitty!

And, Happy Birthday To Me Too!

It's Here! My new MacBook is here, and I love it already!! It's soooooo pretty and it smells so nice!


Blogger ScoutOnTheLoose said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day! Love ya and miss ya!! See you soon......I'm sure of it! Oh, and congrats on the new addition to the family......the new MAC!

1:01 PM  
Anonymous kylejames said...

ya know i dont mean to be an ass but i just cant help muhself since i am an ass anyways-you probably spent enough on that little gizmo (that will be stuffed away in a kitchen drawer within 3 years) to have bought a decent motor for two-zero.

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Robin said...

Happy belated birthday to you and the fuzzball!

6:30 AM  

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