Friday, February 02, 2007

Adjusting To A One-Cat Household...

It's been a week, and I'm handling it better than I thought I would. I miss him most at night, when he'd be snuggled up to me or kneading my side or my shoulder with his happy little claw-free paws. Oddly enough, I don't cry like I did when I was worried about what I'd come home to find -- it's comforting, in a way, to know that he's not hurtin' or slobberin' anymore.

There for a few days, I thought my Hannah kitty might have shifted gears a bit, maybe she wasn't going to be such a meanie once she noticed she was the only cat. That's only half the case though.

I'm pretty sure she knows she's the only cat -- she's taken over Shadow's duties of kneading with happy little paws, but she has no clue how sharp those claws are. She wants to be in my lap more and more; to the point that I've started keeping a pair of sweatpants handy in the bathroom so I can lay 'em across my legs when I'm "taking care of business." I've also learned the hard way to make sure I'm hangin' on to 'em when she jumps up there -- if she thinks she's sliding, she sinks the claws in to hang on; to me, not the pants.

She kneads, she purrs, she rubs her face on me, she does that classic cat-around-the-ankles move (something she's only recently started); and I love it when she's luvin' on me -- even if my shoulders and thighs feel sunburned from all the needle-sharp little claw-punctures. I'm seriously thinking about looking into a de-claw, but I know it's a controversial subject, and I know it won't solve the whole problem.

In amongst all the luuuuviness, she's still a mean little shit every now and then. I guess by "every now and then," what I really mean is "a couple times a day." She'll be actin' all sweet and cute and affectionate, and then she'll just suddenly snap and bite whatever's closest to her. Once it was my face, usually it's my hand, and last night it was my foot -- I'm talkin' about a bloody place comin' up on the top of my sock here... Yesterday morning, she growled at My Mom.

I'm not sure what to try to do about it, but I'm wondering if I've got a Psycho-Kitty on my hands.

I need to figure out something, I love my little Birthday Kitten, but she's Crazy.

Cat-People, de-lurk and comment, please!

More later... _\,,/


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