Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Well, Ain't That A Happy-New-Year-To-Ya...

Alternate Title: "Why Debbie Does Not Have A Gun In The SHO, Reason Number 321"

Last night when I got home, I caught a flash of something running across in front of my car; in the small gap between the bumper and the garage door. It was a tail, attached to a very large dirty white dog. I know, y'all are probably thinkin' "Yeah, you're the original dog-hater, you'd say they're all huge..." But seriously, if it's big enough to stand beside a mid-size American car with it's breath foggin' up the doorglass, it's a big feckin' dog. If it puts it's paws on the door of the car in order to get it's face closer to the doorglass, it's a big feckin' overzealous dog.

Gawd, I miss parking inside the garage, for so many reasons.

Dog-Phobia or not, I can say this for sure: My Cats are indoors, full-time, no doubt about it, because they're safer that way. I know that people are crazy, especially when it comes to other people's critters roaming around outdoors. My Cats do not walk on the hoods of anyone's car, they do not poop in anyone's petunias, they do not chase other animals or harass birds. My Cats are safe from other humans or dogs who might try to hurt them just because they're there; they'll never be run over by cars, they'll never be kicked or have rocks thrown at them. They stay inside where they're safe, because they're my spoiled little babies.

I hope someone in my neighborhood was worried sick about their huge dirty-white dog, because they may never know how close it came to having to limp home with a blow-gun dart or slingshot marble stuck in some part of it's anatomy. Even though I'm not a "dog person," I know that millions of people are -- I know even though there's a chance it wasn't waiting to take me to the ground and gnaw a hole in me to root about in my entrails; maybe it was thinking "The Humans Are Home! Yay!" and waiting for me to get out of the car to pet it or throw a stick for it. Maybe. But I'm not taking that chance.

I like to hope that I scored a few points for my conscience refusing to let me crawl into the backseat of my car and point the blowgun out a cracked window. I like to hope I also scored a few points for my "common sense" refusing to let me fire a few slingshot marbles where Mom's car or the $400 Ranger might have been caught in the crossfire.

Also, in the realm of New Year's "Good News And Bad News," after being so happy to finally get some money from the insurance company for that lab work bill, today I got a letter from them about another rate increase. The saleslady who put the pitch to me said they had not had a rate increase in however many years -- but now they've had two in the year I've been with 'em. If any of y'all have an Individual Healthcare Plan that's made you a happy customer for less than $165 a month, I'd really like to hear about 'em.

Looking on the bright side, I got an iTunes Gift Card in the mail today! Ain't that a sweet deal! I knew there was a rewards program, but I thought I had to get to 2,500 points to get the $25 card; I spent quite a bit less than that on the MacBook -- but, points are doubled on Apple purchases, so weh-hoo, it's here!

More later... _\,,/


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