Friday, December 29, 2006

Short Post (In A Long Fence).

Remember when I pitched a big bitch about my health insurance company?? Well, I got the checks today -- I'm shocked! I was starting to think they wouldn't come through!

And my new cell phone showed up today too, along with the sleeve for my MacBook. The Post Office was nerd heaven this morning. ;)

My Mom made some snarky comment about the sleeve, but she still hasn't noticed the new computer. I guess it's a good thing I got a white one instead of a black one; the two or three inches difference in width has gone unnoticed so far. I like it a lot though, I'm definitely a satisfied Apple customer. I kinda feel bad about the fact that my old iBook is just layin' in the back seat of my car, but I'm real happy with the new MacBook. I'm sure I'll get the old one out of the car sometime this weekend -- I need to transfer a few more files over and I really hope I can move that one particular font (Bertram, if ya care) over 'cause it's what I used for the buttons on the dot-com and I'm not really interested in changing those just yet; I kinda like the look of it on the buttons and on my banners too.

More Later... _\,,/


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