Friday, January 12, 2007

'Cause I Love The "Liberry" Too...

"You haven't blogged in days..."

Well, honestly, the thing that's on my mind the most is ShadowCat and that "Aggressive Tumor" he's got. I didn't want to stand here teary-eyed and typin', so I just haven't been doin' a lot of typing about it. I am doing my best to deal with this, but it's wearin' me thin -- I cry in the car, I cry at night, I get weepy when he snuggles up to me and then gets up to have a sneezing fit. Sometimes I think I can see it getting bigger, and making his eye look a little funny; but he's still eating and still purring, so he's still staying with me a little longer. I am really not doing well with the idea of carrying him into the Vet's office and then leaving without him, but I'm sure that's what it'll come to. I can just hear my oldest brother sayin' something like "Just take him outside and shoot him," but you don't just shoot something that sleeps in your bed; unless he tells you he Loves you and wants you to move in with him and then you catch him bangin' someone else. But that's a whole 'nother story that most of y'all have probably already heard. I guess what I'm trying to say there is that when somebody Loves Me, I don't do well with the prospect of having that taken away from me.

I said I wasn't going to stand in front of this computer and get teary-eyed...

So, back to where the title of this post came from!

Come back here, dammit!! ;)

A while back, I ran onto "Tales From The Liberry," and I get a real kick out of those stories. "Juice" tells some fascinating stories, especially considering I found it while Googling for an old boyfriend just to see what he was up to. Every now and then, he does a little piece called "Actual Conversations Heard In Actual Libraries," and they're big fun -- the same kind of fun I have watching people try to figure out the whole "turn-knob-push-door" concept comin' in here.

So, since I've gathered up these three gems over the past week or so, I am ever-so-proud to present "Actual Phrases Heard In Actual Salvage Yards."


"I've never ever been there, except for just that one time." (That one's from a HoMeSkOoL [tm] Kid)

"Oh, you know, that guy over there whose wife had that wreck and died that one time." (Despite the double one-time's, that one was not a HoMeSkOoL [tm] Kid; that one was an actual voting adult. And can you imagine how bad it would be to have a damn car wreck and die more than once? Come on, even Jesus only had to do it once to take care of everything for all of us!)

And just today, on the phone, I had someone try to tell me that "All of the five-point-oh's came out injected, if it was carbureted, it would've had to be a three-oh-two." (I'll be honest, I'm not sure what I could add to that one.)

Is it time to get outta here and go home yet??

More later...



Anonymous Robin said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty. Really. I hate that you're both going through this, but I know you'll make sure the rest of his life is full of love and comfort.

Thanks for the "liberry" recommendation. I've passed it along to several librarian friends who will love it, I'm sure.

8:12 PM  

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