Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Did I Mention...

Jury Duty. Did I mention that's what I'm doing this week?

So, if the Blogger postings are thin, that's why.

I'm doing a lot of reading while I sit and wait; and right this minute, I'm writing from the Library on my lunch break.

I really really wish I had the patience (or the balls, whichever you prefer) to take my knitting in there with me, but I worry about elbow room, and I don't think I could knit comfortably in the smaller chairs when it's crowded. I'm just sure that if I did manage to snag a big soft comfy chair, I'd get lost trying to count while attempting to keep at least half an eye on what's going on around me.

More Later...

PS... If you'd like to leave comments, I'm okay with that. If you'd like to leave nastiness, especially if it involves a post from three months ago, just find something else to do. Seriously, calling me names because I got mad when I saw a foodservice worker eating in the prep area, with gloves on makes you sound like the kind of person who might, oh, I don't know, be willing to take part in such unsavory activities as eating in the prep area, with gloves on. Just because you think you might get away with it doesn't mean it's okay. It's still gross, it's still against health department regulations, it's still nasty, and I still haven't been back to that establishment since; not that location, not any other location of the chain.

I did not click the "publish" button on that particular comment (not yet, anyway), not because of the names this person called me, not because of the hostile tone, not because of the points this person tried to make -- I chose not to publish it because the person who wrote it posted under "Anonymous." Ah yes, this person did not value their own words enough to put their name on them; alas, if they don't value their words, why should I?

Like I've said before, This is My Ship, I decide who gets to ride and who gets thrown overboard.

I pitched my fit right here on My Blog with my picture and my e-mail address, right here amongst all sorts of other things I cared enough to write about. I post my opinions; I do not post anonymous insults.

Okay, now, I'm outta here...


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