Monday, February 19, 2007

Disjointed Monday!

I had this huge, long, artistic, beautifully written text file on my desktop that I was going to tweak a bit and post yesterday, the 18th, except I didn't. I just couldn't talk myself into letting it out yet -- maybe next year.

Yesterday was somebody's 30th Birthday, I didn't forget, and I probably never will. I'd say I hope you had a Happy one, but I know you're probably not reading this...


I am becoming more and more of a compulsive knitter; Sunday I found a huge rack full of clearance-sale yarn for 99 cents a ball and all I can think about is that I should've carried home more than the ten balls that I got. Seriously, maybe I'll go back tomorrow and get the rest of it... Oh my, I really am gettin' just like the chick in the book.


I found some fascinating things in the History files of the PC at work; apparently there was quite a bit of Googling going on while I was gone for Jury Duty. A lot of semi-literate Googling. A lot of I-can't-believe-this-fundamentalist-parent-is-HoMeSkOoLiNg-two-kids Googling. He actually did a search for, uhm, The Big O, as in for women; only he strung both words together and he couldn't spell "F-e-m-a-l-e," and couldn't spell "O-r-g-a-s-m" either. It's hilarious, but I'm afraid to share too much of it here because hey, if he's Googling for it, he'd probably find where I was makin' fun of the mis-spelling; especially considering the fact that somebody found me by searching for information about a poodle with a herniated disk. Poor little Poodle, wherever y'all are, I hope your doggie is feelin' better.


Speakin' of Jury Duty, did I mention how hard that sucked? I went into it thinkin' it would be interesting, but I got anxious about it anyway -- I guess the anxious part kinda cast a haze over the deal. It wasn't completely horrible -- there were at least a few friendly people there and I finished reading two books while I was sitting and waiting and wishing I could've been knitting or messin' with the computer. I just didn't think I could get my knitting needles through security and I didn't like the thought of my new MacBook goin' through the X-ray machine either. I got drawn for a judge (along with 39 other people), but didn't get drawn for questioning once we were all in the courtroom. We were told not to "do any research," like searching OSCN or drivin' by the gas station where the armed robbery took place. I was "good," I promise, I didn't look him up until after we'd all been sent home for good -- but I did look up the case and the "suspect" as soon as I got back to a computer. He totally freakin' did it. I don't see any chance he might not have, especially considering it wasn't his first arrest for that kind of crime. It also was not his second or third arrest for that kind of crime. Uh, gee, you robbed three other gas stations, but we're supposed to think you might not have robbed this fourth one? Whatever. When the judge asks potential jurors if they've "heard that the face of crime in America today is a young African American Male," things aren't lookin' good for the guy in the defendant's chair who fits that description.

All-in-all, it was a fascinating people-watching experience; from the crowded basement to the question-n-answer-n-blackball session in the courtroom, it was mildly entertaining. But only mildly. I was glad to have found myself a buddy to chat with in between courtroom sessions (sorry I didn't catch your name, but you're pretty cool, chick-built-like-me-who-was-embroidering-a-quilt-square, I enjoyed talkin' knitting/crochet/macrame/hair/computers/work/etc with you, it was nice havin' lunch with you on Wednesday, and I wish you blessings!), so it wasn't entirely bad; but I can still say I agree first-hand with all those people who say Jury Duty Sucks.


Oh, and I'm still seriously considering the declawing... Controversy or no, Hannah's tearin' my skin to bits. If there's a Vet or Vet Tech reading this, de-lurk for me, please?


I'm sure I'll think of something else I wanted to say, but for now, that's it. More later... _\,,/



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