Friday, April 20, 2007

Get Out Your Ol' Foreigner 8-Tracks...

'Cause it feels like the first time!

It's Friday and it's finally time for Opening Night! That old familiar magical Buzz of anticipation is here, just like it was most of the whole first year, and I'm enjoyin' it! It's nowhere near the full-on-near-panic fellings of unprovoked anxiety, thankfully, it's more like a real smooth fast-idle. And it's magic. Did I mention that already? It is, it's just magic and that's all I know to say about it.

The Buzz used to set in about lunchtime Thursday and just stay with me 'til time to leave work to go to the track on Friday Nights. Over the years, it's slacked off a bit 'til it just sorta comes and goes; but it's here right now and that's fine by me!

I'm hoping tonight at least comes close to going as well as the last night I raced last season...

And I'm havin' a hard time standin' still to type.

More later... _\,,/



Blogger ScoutOnTheLoose said...

I'm excited! I can't wait. I'm glad its on a Friday night so I can go! I've missed this feeling. I have the hyped i'm gonna explode feeling today too! See you soon! Love ya!

1:01 PM  

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