Monday, April 30, 2007


Okay, I've Go0ogled, but so far come up empty. Everything I've found so far that mentions actual recycling for old computers is about actual recycling (not finding strange new uses), like gettin' rid of tires. I'm lookin' for a re-using kinda thing, like makin' sandals out of those old tires...

Ya see...

One of those big Bondi-blue Mac 17" displays quit on us this afternoon. Not that I'm really worried about being down one, 'cause I've got four or five more of 'em; it's just that I hate to just toss it into the dumpster.

Way back ten years or so ago, there was a guy in Tulsa who made these nifty little aquariums out of the old Mac Color Classics (and I'm guessing he made 'em with a few others of the same shape) -- A cool idea if I ever saw one, he'd really put the stuff together with the glass/lexan/whatever shaped to fit perfectly where the screen would have been and a light to shine on the fishies and even a built-in aquarium pump inside the shell of the old computer with an original-lookin' cord comin' out the back. I remember meeting him while I was with Pete, and I got to see a couple of the aquariums at Computer Warehouse over on 41st Street -- but I'm not even completely sure that store is still there or even still in operation. There was talk of turning dead laptops into Ant Farms or Picture Frames, but I don't think anything ever became of it.

It hasn't been too long ago that I discovered the perfect recycle-ish use for my ol' Packard Bell from Pre-Y2K; it makes a perfect little stand to get my iMac up off the desk where I'm not scrunched over lookin' down at it.

There's got to be some "cool" re-use for this big blue-n-white plastic shell, other than target practice or bridge-bowling. I don't completely rule out bridge-bowling though - heh, it's good & heavy, probably heavier than my dead microwave that I tossed over the edge a few years ago, so I'm sure it would make a nice crash & splash, but it's Mac Stuff! Even Dead Mac Stuff is cooler than a garage-sale microwave, right? And besides, if I'm gonna "recycle" the thing, tossin' it off a bridge and into a creek probably goes against the whole idea of recycling to cut down on garbage anyway.

It's a little too big for a reasonable piggy bank and a little too small for a reasonable bookshelf, so I'm thinkin' more and more about the aquarium idea, but I've been told that tearin' into a monitor can zap-yer-ass even if it hasn't had power to it for quite a while...

Maybe if I can just get the plastic shell off & save it and then pitch the rest...


De-lurk, comment, e-mail; especially if you know where that guy went! ;)

More later. _\,,/



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