Friday, August 31, 2007

As A Part Of The Blogosphere...

I said I wasn't touchin' the Miss Teen Airhead thing, but I still can't help but think she might be a HoMeSkOoLeR; or, if she likes younger men at all, maybe she could be the best, most perfectly-matched girlfriend for one or the other of these two HoMeSkOoLeRz [tm]. Maybe they'll meet and fall in luv on MySpac3. eHeh.

But when it comes to interesting things in the Blogosphere, I can't help but touch on this interesting piece.

So, with all the odd stuff I know about myself, at least I can say I'm most-likely not depressed; best we can tell by the standards of that study, anyway -- and I can add a new facet to my people-watching notes as well.

I think I'm more likely to go with the commenters who said the study was seriously flawed though -- I agree with the folks who figure it's a result of being right-handed or left-handed and keeping the dominant hand free for other things that may need to be done. I'm sure that's why I've developed this habit of holding the phone to my left ear because I might need to write things down with my right hand -- and my job involves a lot of ten-key while on the phone, and there's no way I'd ever get anything done on the ten-key left-handed. It's got to the point that I don't feel like I'm getting the most of the conversation if I have the phone to my right ear, and it's not because I have any kind of hearing problem -- it's like being left-eared, my right ear just doesn't seem to get the job done as efficiently.

I'll admit I have minimal baby-handling on my resume', but most I can remember, I'm most comfy with 'em on my left arm. Same goes for the cat; I reach down and pick her up with my right hand and lay her onto my left arm 99.99 percent of the time. My purse, be it large or small, is always on my left shoulder; if I'm struggling with other stuff (like I was when I came back from lunch today) and it ends up on my right shoulder, it just doesn't seem to work right and I get all off-balance and awkward.

Knowing what I know about body mechanics (as an F-PTA, heh), I should know better, but if I'm gathering up lots of stuff, I still hang it all on my left shoulder, no matter how much it makes me lean to the right to compensate for the weight and width -- I've been known to head toward the door with my purse, my knitting bag, a backpack, and whatever else hung on my left shoulder, the laptop on my left arm, and nothing but my keys in my right hand.

Maybe it's a throw-back from all those years as a Band Kid -- I could make my way from the car to the Band Building with all my stuff on my left shoulder and the Trombone case in my right hand because the case was tough as hell and I'd figured out how I could usually catch the door with it and make my way in without having to put anything down to grab the door handle. That's probably a right-handed skill too though; which would also explain the keys in my right hand for aiming -- there's only one hole I can find left-handed, and no keys are goin' in that one.

My cell phone is always in my right front pocket, if I have a couple dollars or some coins to drop in a pocket, it's always my right back pocket. The Pretty-Butch-For-A-Straight-Chick-Pocket-Knife [tm] is always in my left front pocket; but there's usually not anything in my left back pocket. Maybe there's a study somewhere to analyze that... Unless it's due to always having my right hand free for intricate tasks, so it's always easiest to get the phone out of my pocket to answer it even if I'm carrying something on my left shoulder.

Now, if somebody could just figure out a way for me to know if the phone is ringing while it's out there on the charger in my car...

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