Monday, July 30, 2007

What Kind Of Ass-Kissing?

A telemarketer from "____ ____" (Caller ID # 818-###-####) just called me for the fifth time. The first three times, the caller hung up as soon as I answered. The fourth time, I answered immediately with a fast schpiel about this being the fourth time I'd seen the number in the caller ID, after three hang-up's, and threw in that I was pretty pissed off about taking time to answer the phone three times only to have it hung up in my ear three times. THREE TIMES, kids, one-two-three.

Now, call me crazy, but I really think that if it's important enough to call, and I care enough to stop what I'm doing and answer; then it ought to be important enough to not HANG UP IN MY EAR.

The fifth time, when she called me back after I'd hung up, she called me a "Fucking Idiot" before I could really get a word in.

Howdy Google. I found a different number for "____ ____ing" (818-###-#***) and dialed it up; where a guy answered with a friendly "Hello?" I'm sure that Telemarketing has become a rough and shitty job over the years, but bless his heart, I just had to tell him about what I'd just experienced.

And of course, if Google lets people find my blog while they're searching for everything from porno to information on Poodles with Herniated Discs, well then, people can find my blog while searching for "____ ____ing."

"Fucking Idiot." Nice.

In my personal opinion, junior-high-prank-calling is just not the way to project a "____ ____."

Now, why might I have changed the name to blanks and the numbers to #'s and *'s? Well, that's because the folks at "____ ____ing" are psychic, and apparently, somebody there could feel me typing an angry, nasty, highly Google-able Blogger post.

I was just about to hit "publish" when the phone rang and it was that friendly guy again, and boy did he ever kiss up to me, and he wanted to make sure I wasn't going to share anything that might damage the company's image. I think he actually used the word "campaign." He was so nice to me, I almost felt bad for having to go 'cause I had another line ringin'.

He said he'd just fired the chick with the nasty attitude, even though she was "one of their highest producers," because she'd been hanging up on people today and had been nasty to customers before. Heh.

So, ya lost yer job for callin' me a "Fucking Idiot," huh?

Well, who's the fuckin' idiot now, bitch??

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