Monday, August 20, 2007

The Yellow One...

I already have a couple more in the works, but here's the "official" picture of my first finished baby sweater:

Yes, that's a Doll, ya didn't think I'd give the first one to an actual Baby did ya? It might be itchy, it might be too tight around the neck, it might be allergy-inducing, it might be itchy!

My first-ever baby sweater went to Misty's baby Hunter, the one & only little boy who'll never spill anything on it, never snag it on anything, never outgrow it, and most importantly, it won't make him itch and scratch and itch and scratch.

No word yet on whether or not anybody's makin' fun of him for wearing it in July & August.

As an admitted "Crazy Yarn Lady," I'm seriously considering knitting something for that (crazy) expensive baby doll that I bought when I was in PTA School...

More later. _\,,/



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