Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What Kind Of Noise?

What sort of sound does a Kiwi make? Do they honk or sing or tweet or squawk or what??

Here's mine, sittin' on the dash of The Short Bus right before I left for work this morning.

The pattern for this birdy is from BitterSweet, where there's also lots of other cute & fun stuff you might want to take a look at. I've finished my first one; I've started on a second one and maybe I'll be able to avoid my goof-up's this time. There's this odd little hole in the back of Kiwi #1's neck, it's only visible if ya really know right where to look, but I always look and wonder if that's some mistake I made. I also want to do a little something different when it comes to putting the eyes on the next one; my buttons & thread (totally against the designer's instructions, I apologize) just aren't quite like I wanted 'em to be.

As noted by the wire hanging out of the stock cassette deck, we're checkin' out Smodcast on the iPod; I'm a little behind and trying to catch up, I think I was just finishing up the one about Helen Keller -- which, by-the-way, I found quite interesting.

I'd write Kevin Smith an e-mail if I thought it would get read, but I've no doubt he gets a gob of messages every day and some chick from Oklahoma saying "Hey, take a Sign Language Class at that Community College ya mentioned, mine was fascinating," probably wouldn't get read. Even if I also told him how freakin' hot he is, my e-mail probably just wouldn't stand out enough to get noticed. I remember reading a kid-targeted book about Helen Keller when I was real young, but just like they said in the podcast, I didn't really think about it when I was a kid. It's probably quite a task to teach language to someone who niether hears nor sees; but the ASL class that I took really changed my way of thinking language and about communication in general.

Even in the midst of the world's biggest stinker, I don't think there was ever an occasion where a teacher took Helen Keller's hand and spelled out t-h-a-t--w-a-s--a--f-a-r-t; but I'm sure there was some sort of acknowledgement of rippin' one off, even though I'm not entirely sure what that sign would be. As native English speakers, we "think in English," which is where the "t-h-a-t" comes from. One of the profoudly fascinating things we learned in that ASL class was the huge difference between Sign Language and written or spoken English as we know it -- but even as the "wordy person" that I am, I appreciate the beauty of both. I remember an instructor who said "English is wide, ASL is deep." English uses lots of words to convey a concept, while Sign uses lots of expression and doesn't really need to rely on the extras like t-h-a-t.

I have no idea why I waded off into that, but I did, so I'm leavin' it there...

Is it time to go home and knit yet??

More later, _\,,/

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