Sunday, September 09, 2007

John Denver Meets Homer Simpson.

Way back in the Cold Weather, when I had Jury Duty, I picked up a copy of Stephen King's "Cell" in the waiting room. I was a few pages in, just getting interested when my name was called. I made a note of what page I was on and what was happening in the story and the told myself I was going to buy a copy of the book so I could read further.

I ended up putting it off for quite a while. The entire Jury Duty Experience had me tangled up in anxiety the weekend before, and once it was over, I was so glad to be outta there, I didn't really think too much more about any of it, not even the book I'd developed and interest in -- until I discovered that the audiobook download was cheaper than a paperback copy.

I'm not sure how long I let the two huge files sit on my hard drive before I got around to listening. I'd planned on starting the book when I started home from Springfield, but after a goofed-up iPod sync, I'd neglected to drag 'em back after the Mac had accidentally removed them. I started listening to "Part One" shortly after we were back from MO.

Last night, while Clay was watching SNL (and snoring a bit), I put the earbuds in to "read" for a little while. The thought had crossed my mind, as someone who's experienced the anxiety problem before, that maybe a horror novel wasn't the best idea right before bed even as an audiobook, but I was itchin' to know what happened next, so I hit "play."

As SNL was finishing up, I looked at the screen on the iPod and I had a little less than twenty minutes 'til the end of "Part One." It seemed like a reasonable stopping place, so I decided to listen 'til the end of the file before turning out the lights to go to bed.

"Part One" finished off with a very vivid description of someone who'd ended his own life by jabbing his own eye out with a fountain pen. Did I mention it was a very, very vivid description? I wondered about just rollin' over and tryin' to go to sleep after that, but...

Remember hearin' John Denver say "Thank God I'm a country boy?" Well, I, my friends, am unashamed to say "Thank God I'm a fat kid."

Last night, I had vivid dreams, but not of gory-scary fountain pen carnage. I dreamed of Donuts, lovely, sugary, fluffy, glazed donuts, shared around a warm cozy table surrounded by friendly people.

"Mmmmmm, Donuts..."



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