Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Helena '07

What we do when it's not Racing Season...

The annual Helena Weekend was quite nice, I'm glad I got to go this year -- especially considering that I skipped last year. I was also quite stunned when I got out of the car and the lady who runs the hotel remembered me immediately. I had a nice time at the festival; and I also got a huge laugh out of hearing the "Preacher" tellin' about the "Evils of it all" on the radio Sunday Morning as we were leaving. Yes, I capitalized "Evils" there, because that's how important this guy made it all sound...

The weather was much, much warmer than anybody had figured, and I was very glad we'd planned for rain -- a pair of umbrellas is also quite handy for extreme sun, and I was glad to have 'em. Saturday afternoon, I held my "Fairy Umbrella" up to shade the top of me, and wedged my little-tiny-fits-in-tote-bag umbrella into the center of my chair frame so that it shaded my legs to keep me free of sunburn, and also shaded my bag to keep my granola bars from melting. I got to thinkin', in all these years, the "Fairy Umbrella" has probably only been out of the trunk of my car maybe three or four times in the ten years or so that I've had it. It's a little grubby, but it's not really showin' any wear. What the hell is a "Fairy Umbrella," you ask? Well, it's a reasonably large blue & white traditional umbrella (it doesn't fold up small), and I picked it up in my driveway several years ago -- probably right around the time the SHO was new -- and it was just layin' right in the center of the driveway right about where you'd expect to find the newspaper. We live on a dead-end street in an older neighborhood where each house sits on 2.5 or more acres, so we're not really close to anybody; it's not like finding something in a Subway Train or on a Metro Bus. I picked it up out of the middle of my own driveway, and I live in relative-country-nowhere -- so I figure The Umbrella Fairy must've left it for me.

My un-cropped, un-zoomed view of the stage, from under my Fairy Umbrella.

In the earlier parts of the day, when I wasn't trying to balance two umbrellas, I wedged the smaller one into the back of my chair so I could knit.

A little past halfway into my third knit of this particular pattern (my first two were solid, this is my first stripedy one), this festival was the first time I've pulled out my knitting bag in the midst of a huuuuge crowd. I've done a little knitting at the Hockey games, but I only get it out during intermission and most everybody's gone then. This weekend was my first experience with "actual public knitting," and it was pretty cool. I met a knitter who told me about an afghan she was working on, and I also met a Librarian from Texas who was a crocheter and seamstress.

I'm getting closer and closer to finishing this hot pink & black sweater; so then I can flip a coin to decide if I'm going to learn more about socks and shop for Christmas gifts, or put off socks (again) and start knittin' for Christmas...

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