Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Something You Can Do With Your Finger.

Yip, I ripped off a TV show title there. I only did that because it kinda makes me grin considering what's on my mind today and how I don't want to just let it out. I can't remember who said it, but I heard that "As humans, we make our own drama and we're responsible for our own stress." That phrase really stayed with me, and that's what I'm seein' around here today. In short, what you did with your finger a couple years back just might bite you on the ass when it gets a chance. Yeah, ain't it terrible.


That, and hey, when it comes to bein' stressed-out, it's not me this time. It's good to be calm, it really is.


Speaking of stress-and-me, the new health insurance company still hasn't pulled the first payment out of my account yet, but since the cards say "Effective March 15th," maybe that's when the draft goes through. I'm calm about that, in spite of being stressed-out earlier. It's still a little less money than the previous company, and though I haven't had any experience with using it yet, I'd say it's fair to guess that it'll be better coverage too.

I'm still a little irritated about The Salesman, but screw it, I've already ranted about him.


I finished Baby Sweater #4 and placed it in the hands of a new-mommy-to-be; it was my first actual project from that massive quantity of dollar yarn that I carried home a while back and I like how it turned out even if it did take me a little time to get used to working with that type of yarn. It's fuzzy-fuzzy-fuzzy, and even just layin' in my lap while I was knitting on it, it's very, very warm. I almost worry about the warmth-factor since the baby is due in April, but I'm sure it's too big, so maybe she'll be able to "grow into it" in time for the Fall. I really want to try my hand at grown-up size sweaters, if I can just find a pattern that doesn't make me wonder if I forgot how to read.


Also, Boobie Scarf #2 (the raisin-ish colored one that doesn't show crud near as bad as the white one) is still on hold because I got the bug to turn out one of those scarves with pockets; if it comes quick enough, maybe I can turn out several and send 'em with Mom. That might be a "competitive" kinda thing... We'll figure it out later.


Apparently the phrase "We can get Chinese for around three bucks a person," was not what they wanted to hear when they asked me if I had any ideas for lunch. Whups. Oh well...


A little more amusement, The Motor Guy is here. He wants a rev limiter for the new motor. Now, I've had some motors come apart on me, but in all these years, I've never caused it by lettin' one over-tach itself. If it breaks 'em loose, ya let out a little bit and keep it under control, 'cause if ya don't, you'll be spun and into a wall, soon to have twenty-some other cars piled on top of ya.

Do those asphalt racers he runs with just keep it on the floor when it starts to spin the tires??

I didn't think so.


Last night I dismantled the keyboard from my first iMac and scrubbed each individual key (and the parts underneath), and then put it back together just to see if I could. (Oh, hello OCD, what a surprise seeing you here!) I figured that since it's ten years old and the computer it came with is long since dead, there wasn't much to lose -- so if I ruined it, I could just toss it in the garbage and forget it. After finding that I don't know that keyboard as well as I thought I did (I know the letters, had to double-check for punctuation and home/help/page-up), I got it all back together and brought it to work with me so I could try it, and it still works! I was almost shocked to find that all that Ch1orox-Wipe juice didn't short it out. It works, but the shift keys and the spacebar don't seem to feel quite right, I think I may have goofed somethin' up with the tiny metal parts that were underneath them.

Anyhow, it's good to know there's a spare around, even if it's not quiiiiiiiite right.


Mmmm... Snickerdoodles... So good...


Disjointedly Distractable, yip, that's me!

More later. _\,,/

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