Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This guy wrecked a long post once before, but...

Yesterday, I was in the middle of another huge long post that was probably way too long for the topic, yes, again. While I was writing, Mario showed up. I'm pretty sure that's his name... Anyway, he's the same guy who got me away from a probably-too-long post before, by buying five cars at once. Around lunchtime, I stopped typing in order to tend to a huge busy spurt and didn't get to even think about lunch 'til after 2:00 -- but Mario paid cash for three cars (including another green Windstar), and the folks who walked in right behind him paid cash for a fourth one.


I'm still a little bit achy and sore from Monday afternoon's big surprise though... My oldest brother, the Fireman, got a part-time job at a testing lab a while back, and best I can tell, he's really diggin' it. The money's good, and in the area where he usually works, they light things on fire. I didn't catch the smallest details of it, but I guess the manufacturers who send things to the lab send 'em in considerable quantities -- if the first how-ever-many do well enough to earn a passing score, they don't have to light the rest, and the manufacturers don't really care about gettin' 'em back either. In short, My Mom charmed him into haulin' one to the house, and now I've got a fantastic queen-size pillowtop mattress. It's lovely, so lovely that it doesn't matter that the "do not remove" tag says "SAMPLE: BURN LAB," so lovely that it doesn't matter that it has stock numbers and shipping addresses Sharpie-markered into the fabric.

I went on an insane cleaning jag in order to get my old made-in-1978-post-herniated-disc-stolen-from-the-spare-bedroom mattress moved out, along with the ol' king size waterbed headboard, and put the new pillowtop on top of the two rows of waterbed pedestal drawers. It's about elbow-high, but I'm okay with that 'cause hey, I don't have to bend over to make the bed anymore. All the lifting/wrestling/shoving just about put the whoopass on me, but I did find some interesting stuff once I started moving the waterbed parts -- five (yes, five) flashlights, my eighth-grade first-try at knitting (purple, still hangin' off of silver aluminum needles), and even Hannah's little black and white "Jittery Mouse" that she used to carry around in her mouth like a baby kitten.

Speakin' of "like a baby kitten," that first night, I didn't sleep much -- blame that on first night in a different bed -- but last night, I slept like a basket of little baby kittens. I haven't slept like that in a loooooong time. When I woke up, I don't think I'd moved at all, and I really didn't want to, but then the alarm went off.


On a totally unrelated topic... Why does Blogger keep crashing my Safari? It happened several times yesterday, and twice in the last half a minute. I'm quite thankful for the "Automatic Save" feature, but come on, the crashes are wreckin' my nerves!

I wonder if I should just use the dot-com...

But then there's all that HTML...

I'm thinkin' on that one.

More later. _\,,/



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