Monday, March 30, 2009

How long since the last Disjointed?

This morning I took a phone call askin' for Nissan Frontier parts. I told him we handle Ford parts and haven't ever had a Nissan Frontier. His exact words: "Oh... How'bout a Grand Am?" I (gently, I promise) reminded him we handle Ford parts. Then he asked if we were "on the corner." I told him we were on the North edge of town.

I shit-ya-not, he said "North edge? What's that mean?"

Uhm, well, if you leave the center of town to drive toward The North Pole where Santa Claus lives, you'd have to drive past the North edge of town.


It's not all a total bastard though, one of the ladies from here in town (I think she lives toward the South edge, hA) sent us a Chocolate Cake. I'm no serious connoisseur of cakes, I tend to love 'em just about any way I can get 'em. I can't say I have any serious skills when it comes to discerning "mix" from "homemade," but this cake is so seriously wonderful, I'd just about bet it didn't come from a boxed mix and the frosting may not have come from a plastic tub either. It's rich and moist and beautiful like a little bit of heaven in a lovely glass pan.


As a reasonably educated person with a love of language, I am not afraid to admit that I used the MacBook's Dictionary because I wasn't completely sure how to spell "connoisseur." Some people wouldn't go to that kind of trouble, would they? I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'...


Saturday, and only Saturday, we got an incredible amount of snow. Turns out I'd caught a large quantity of that Spring melt-off in the floor of the Mark 8, but I didn't notice until I got home and slung a wet laptop bag over my shoulder. Luckily the seventy-nine-cent thrift-store bag is fairly well-padded and the moisture didn't make it through to the computer or the external hard drive.


Saturday also brought me a string of interesting text messages with an odd feel to 'em; culminating with something like "I usually stay with Clay on the weekends," and a reply of "Oh. Do you have any single friends?"

I'm pretty sure that makes three guys who have asked me that same question fairly recently. I can only think of one single friend I have, but I can't really imagine her really hittin' it off with any of the three of these guys... I would love to wish each and every friend all the love in the world with somebody who'd be good to 'em -- I just don't want to be held responsible for putting any of 'em together because the odds are just too great that they'd end up with somebody who irritated the piss out of 'em.

I can only think of one "perfect couple" that I'd put together, but one of 'em is in Kansas and the other is in Southeast Tulsa, and neither of 'em has asked me about single friends.

That settles it, I ain't touchin' the matchmaker thing.


Today is also a HoMeSkOoL dAy, which means I just might post again real soon...




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