Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Why does TwentyCarlo.com say "Made With A Macintosh?"

Because this PC is a POS.

I run the dot-com with my iBook, but every now and then I use the PC at work to sign into Blogger and write a post or two because with the PC, I'm one click away from looking busy -- if I have the iBook out on my desk, it's pretty obvious that I may not actually be workin'.

That's what I was doing a few minutes ago, I was writing a little post for the blog on the PC, IE crashed and everything disappeared. I had quite a piece going about the twenty two illegals who crashed the Suburban in Yuma; I'm sure it would have been fascinating once it was finished, but now it's gone. Completely feckin' gone.

I'm waitin' to see if I get motivated enough to try again.

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