Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Occasional Disjointed Post...

Good news & bad news... I found the recipt for the 4-wheeler battery. The bad news is that it's two weeks past the one year warranty.


My Hunny is on his way to Missourri right now and gonna be gone all weekend...


If somebody owes four hundred and some-odd dollars and hasn't paid on their storage unit at all in several months, is it acceptable to just rip the back off a spiral notebook and use a Sharpie to write "You owe over $400, you don't return phone calls, we're cutting the lock off to sell your shit," and send it to 'em? I just got my ass chewed for asking if we had some kind of contract I could read through to see how the letter should read. I have never rented a storage unit and then skipped out on the payments, I have never received that kind of letter to read so I do not know how it should read. But I'm a bitch for asking if there's anything I could look at to see how to word it... Yeah.


The Waiter was on NPR today and it was a pretty interesting show even though I didn't get to listen straight-straight through. I heard a teensy little mention of Buffets, but I couldn't hear the details because of phones and noise in here... I still think it was tacky and offensive that whoever wrote out our ticket at the Chinese Buffet took it upon themselves to just write "Gratuity" and tack on two bucks. Tacky. And. Offensive.


I've also heard mention of another laptop battery recall; since I wasn't part of the last one, maybe I'll get in on this one. I can't find any markings on mine that mention it being manufactured by Sony, but it has really heated up the computer a time or two, and it oozed out some gooey crud a few times a while back. Lately it just won't do anything -- won't take a charge at all and won't even flash the status lights with the button on the bottom. I've got my fingers crossed 'cause I'm not quiiiiite ready for such an easy excuse to replace the computer.


Oh, and I just have to say this for Clay... "HALLOWEEN LUMINARIA!!!" Heh heh...


More later... _\,,/


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