Tuesday, August 15, 2006

There's A New One?

I Loooooove my Macintoshes, and it's not just because I've been havin' problems with the PC at work. But seriously, that PC is a piece-o-crap... That's another rant though. I can't believe I ever thought about buying a PC Laptop just 'cause that one particular store had a "deal" on 'em.

Those Apple commercials with a guy in a suit and a guy in a hoodie just get me every time -- "I'm a Mac!"

Today when I signed into Blogger, one of the "Blogs Of Note" was a Mac Update Blog, so I clicked it, 'cause I'm a Mac Nerd through and through. Apparently there's a new commercial I haven't seen yet, and it involves Linux! There was a YouTube link to it, but when I clicked, it said YouTube was down -- something about brushing off the cobwebs or something like that.

If it's anywhere near as cute as "Out Of The Box" and "Digital Camera," I can't wait to see it!!

I swear it's not just because of the ads, I really do want a new Mac -- it's gettin' to be about time, ain't it? I'm still kinda back-n-forth between getting a Mini or a new 'Book... This iBook is still doin' okay except for it's little battery problem (as in completely dead) and I've got all those monitors from the city auction so it wouldn't be a big deal at all to just keep a monitor here and a monitor at home if I wanted to carry the Mini with me...


On another note of "new one," Clay's SHO is all done and ready to go, the deal is goin' down tonight -- Clay and Debbie officially become a "Two-SHO Couple." ;) Ain't that cute?

I love my automatic and I wouldn't trade it for anything -- especially not somethin' red, but that five-speed is a cool little number.

There's somethin' about rowin' gears in one of those cars, it's just a ton of fun to drive.

I drove it home last night and back to work this morning just to be sure everything we'd fixed had stayed fixed -- drove it to lunch today and then to the post office this afternoon and almost sold it to some punkass highschool "playa" in a half-ton Chevrolet.

It's not that I specifically try to mess with stupid people, it's just that I get such a kick out of it... And yes, I do realize that sounds a lot like "Well, we must've been drunk when we said we'd stop drinkin'..."

I could see the truck comin' across the "diner" parkin' lot when I backed out of my spot here at the shop -- they were harassin' a couple girls who were walking close by. I could tell he wasn't about to stop, he was gonna just pull right out into the street without stopping or looking. I wasn't gonna let him hit me, but I wasn't gonna just let his ass go either -- so I drove on up the street and as he was comin' over the drain with two wheels out onto the pavement, I honked. A Long Honk. Both girls screamed. A Long shrill girlie-girl scream.

As the truck stopped pointing the wrong way in the oncoming lane beside me, the little punkass on the shotgun side popped out the window with both hands in the air to the effect of "What the fuck are you honking at?"

I. Could. Not. Resist.

I hit the button and ran my window down to let my rotten temper out with "THINK THERE MIGHT BE A CAR COMING?" and the kid says "I didn't see ya!"

Didn't see me? "WELL GOOD JOB LOOKING."

While I'm a bit irritated by the whole deal, I can't help but giggle at the thought of scaring a couple highschool boys -- who knows, maybe I made a difference, maybe I scared 'em into being a little safer next time. Didn't fucking see me?? He didn't stop at all, and certainly didn't look, he was just tryin' to get his little highschool playa-game on and not paying attention to the fact that on streets, there is traffic. If he had looked he would've seen me -- that's the brightest red thing I've had on the road in years, and also the loudest street-legal piece of rollin' stock I've had my hands on in quite some time.

I am quite sure that if he'd been in the car with me, Clay would not have been as fascinated as I was... They'll give him a new tag number when he changes the title over though -- he won't catch any he11 on account of any of my Road-Raging, or anything from the chick who had this car before we got it. Heh heh... I really do try to be more careful when he's with me, it must be out of respect. I'm pretty sure he got kinda mad at me when I wasn't exactly "decent" to the chick who pushed her baby stroller out in front of the Merc and then yelled at me after that Independence Day concert at the lake, but hey, if she's dumb enough to push her baby out in front of a car, somebody needs to yell at her azs, even if it's only for the baby's sake. Geez, push the stroller out into a line of moving cars and yell "AREN'T YOU GONNA STOP?" Uh, hello? If you don't know if the cars are going to stop, is it really worth risking your baby to find out?


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