Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Are These People For Real?

A couple days ago, The Pissed Kitty wrote a little post about the MySpace crowd in shich she coined the phrase "MySpace Cadets." Heh heh... I like it; and when I signed onto MySpace today to check and see if there were any more people from my highschool that I hadn't heard from yet, I liked that phrase even more.

Yup, MySpace Cadets.

I had two bulletins about "The Crocodile Hunter," from two separate friends, and I don't think they know each other... They were both of the "re-post this..." variety, and no, I am not re-posting the bulletin because I, personally, think he's a Darwin Award Candidate.

I know, I know, I sound cold-hearted there, but seriously, think about this with me -- he knew those things (croc's, rays, whatever) were fecky dangerous. If he was the all-knowing animal expert, why didn't he figure that out? "Hey, that can kill ya, don't feck with it."

My heart goes out to his wife -- I know first-hand that losing a mate is hell. Even though I knew he'd been sick before and there was always a chance that it could happen again -- losing the lifepartner was still hell on a stick, in a bag, on a rope, in a tree; yes indeedy Dr. Seuss, it certainly was hell any way you slice or dice it.

The whole Crocodile Hunter schtick was all about harassing & taunting deadly critters; he had to know that what he was doing was dangerous, didn't he? Firemen kiss their wives and leave the house with the knowledge they could fall in a burning building and not come home. Cops kiss their wives and leave the house with the knowledge that they could get shot by a tweeker and not come home. Construction workers kiss their wives and leave the house with the knowledge that they could get hit by a car or knocked off a scaffold and not come home. Any of those wives would probably say "Please be careful," or maybe even "Please think about getting a safer job." I know, Mrs. Irwin probably wouldn't dream of asking her man to quit doing what he loved; but seriously, it was obviously dangerous and everybody knew that!

Just my two cents worth here, but I think one more Darwin Award Winner probably isn't worth the effort of a MySpace Bulletin.

Two more cents here, the Personal Hell that Mrs. Irwin is dealing with right now is way, way more than a MySpace Bulletin could ever even touch.

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