Monday, October 23, 2006

Insulin, Chicken, Tire Smoke, and Magic: Another Disjointed Monday.

The Doctor Appointment went better than I'd expected -- I'm down a few
pounds and my insulin level is down too. I go back in another three months.
I'm tryin' to "eat healthier," but I'm still an anti-vegetarian. Did I
spell that right?


When I left the Dr's office, I went to Promenade (uhm, I believe it was
Chris Rock who said "The mall the white people used to go to...")
to check out the new Macy's and remind myself why I don't go to the mall
anymore. I got a couple new dressy-ish tops, bitched about the way jeans
are these days ($49 and they already look Nasty?), and then went to
JC Penney to look for some more Levi's like I got off Ebay. I was hunting
though the racks when the overhead speaker popped a couple times, then a
voice came on... It wasn't English. And it wasn't Spanish. So I left
without spending any of my American dollars...

It'll be quite a while before I do any more shopping at JC Penney.


We had a decent weekend, got a huge laugh out of that kid starin' at Clay in
the pizza place Friday night -- they get a little shaken 'cause Clay
stares back
. He's pretty bold-n-fearless that way...

That silly bitch in the parkin' lot of Hobby Lobby Saturday afternoon didn't
get the full effect of the stare though, 'cause she was afraid to look at
either one of us after she realized there were people standing
when she BANGED her door into the side of Clay's car. I'da been
soooo pissed... I was almost pissed anyway -- but Clay's not quite as
up-tight about the car as I am about mine. I did get a kick out of him
pointin' at me and sayin' somethin' to the effect of "If it had been her
, you'da had to call 9-1-1." Heh. Yeah, if I'd been standin' there
gettin' my purse out of my car, I probably would've grabbed the
lugwrench out from under the seat and clanged the gold Toyota then put it
back and walked off like nothin' ever happened.

I couldn't find a mark; and at least she did say "oh, sorry." But still, if
it had been my car...


Speakin' of Cars, God really does watch out for fools & children; whichever
I was being, I ran a stoplight on Peoria at lunch today -- didn't realize
what I'd done 'til I saw a truck about to hit me in the driver's door &
looked up to see it was red. Whups. Yeah, it was a feckin' stupid moment,
and I don't know how I got out of it, other than "God Watches..."


I tried the "Drunk Chicken Cooker" yesterday and it turned out pretty good
-- I was glad Clay's brother happened to be there when I took it out of the
oven, 'cause I'm still not sure about chicken. "Uh, is this done?"
I can do beef, 'cause I know how I like to eat it, same with bacon
-- but chicken can make ya seriously sick, so I haven't cooked much

Oh, and while The Crab was there, he let me drive his Camaro and it was

That right there is one more reason I'm so happy bein' with Clay -- I hopped
right in the car and left with his brother, and it wasn't a big deal at all.
I've dated guys who acted all wierded-out about me leavin' the house with
my own brother...


Would you believe we just had a call on a steering wheel from someone who
asked if the one we had on the shelf was leather or vynil? And then she
said she was an Animal Rights Activist and would prefer that there
not be any leather in her car.


My iBook is tryin' to die on me; Norton's says I have a "defect in the
surface of the drive," and it can't be fixed. I'd almost think about
putting up one of those PayPal "donate" buttons to see about gettin' a new
MacBook Pro, but I read somewhere that "when you beg for money on your blog,
you're eating from the internet's dumpster..." So I'm not.

But I do really want a new MacBook Pro; and as soon as I finish payin' off
the dentist bill, I'm replacin' the iBook, one way or another.


The HoMeSkOoL kids have discovered the magic of "J!bJab" (Sorry, I tried to
Google-proof that one) through unsupervised internet access at a
friend's house... Apparently the standards are changing -- it's okay to
open up a Flash Animation site that uses words like "Eggroll Weenie" or
"You're a Liberal Pussy" or "I'll kick your ass" now. Isn't that nice?
Wouldn't HoMeSkOoL Mommy be so proud?

I'm still stunned by the confusion of it all. If someone says "Go to
whatever-web-site dot com," that means type that site into the address bar
-- not go to Google and type "whatever-web-site dot com" into the box and
click "search."


Just please tell me you wouldn't send your kids to take Piano lessons from
someone who's never played the Piano...


Okay, I'll quit bitchin' for now. I'll try for a non-disjointed entry



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Disjointed is good. Free flow and easy reading. One place you might get a kick out of is They have a lot of cool anti-vegetarian sayings on things. They are fun to read.

11:17 AM  

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