Thursday, October 26, 2006

'Tis The Season!

Christmas is coming! Two months from yesterday, it'll be here!

Yeah, I know, that makes it sound real close when ya say it that way, doesn't it?

So... Saturday when we were at Snobby Lobby, I found some interesting yarn in the clearance bin just around the corner from where I grabbed up my newest "Knifty Knitter." Most of last winter, I played around with the round Knitters -- then I ran onto this rectangle one that looked interesting. Seven bucks seemed like a decent deal, so I got one -- and of course, that's a lovely excuse to get some yarn too.

Fishin' in the clearance bin, I pulled out a ball of "Lion Suede" that was mostly blue with bits of grey in it, and it felt amazing -- Since My Mom's still wearin' the white ('cause white "goes with anything") scarf that we passed back-n-forth for years. Partly because of the color, and partly because of how warm my arm got while I was fishing for more -- I decided to make a scarf for Mom's Christmas Present. I bought all four of 'em, the last there was at the 71st Street Store.

The rectangle Knifty Knitter is workin' out pretty nice; it's wider than some of the scarves I've turned out, but it's not as "too-wide" as that one I started crocheting but still haven't finished. It's a double-layer; but it's not as thick and bulky as some of 'em are, and it's not a big tube; so it holds its own shape.

And that "Suede" yarn is sooooo buttery-soft...

But when I was halfway through the two balls I bought, I wasn't anywhere near half of the length of a decent scarf. I've been to every store around here that has yarn, and there's not anymore "Lion Suede Seacrest Print" left anywhere in the Tulsa Area.

So, through the magic of Ebay, I have two more balls on the way, and I have a "connection" to get more if I need 'em...

And I just might make a few more Scarves for the Christmas Season too!

More Later... _\,,/

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