Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Statcounter Fun...

I'm not as "obsessed" with Statcounter as I have been at times in the past -- I was just checkin' it for no particular reason today.

Someone found me by Googling for "Tastee-Freeze Locations in Tulsa." I miss 'em too!!! Especially the one in Owasso!

I don't think there are any of 'em left in Tulsa, but there's one in Skiatook; it's five miles from Sperry, so that would put it about fifteen or so miles from Tulsa, I guess -- but it's worth the drive if you're cravin' some good old-fashioned down-home Tastee-Freeze chow. Dammit, it's almost lunch time and now all I can think about is that Fish Dinner they make and chasin' it with a big ol' Dip Cone with that crust of chocolatey fudge over soft vanilla ice cream...

Uh, yeah, I did just mention Fish and Ice Cream in the same sentence. Clay's sayin' "Ewwww," I can hear him already! ;)

I also thought it was just fascinating that one of the searches turned up a post where I'd mentioned givin' Ozzy the 'Keet away to be a Classroom Pet -- ain't it hilarious that Misty and I were just talkin' about him last night?

Robin mentioned "National Blog Writing Month" today and I'm tryin' to decide if I want to try & get in on that or not -- commitment to write at least one post every day in November. I'm on the fence about it... Should I? Can I pull it off??


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