Wednesday, November 29, 2006

NaBloPoMo, TAG!

A. Post. Every. Day.

Uhm, yeah, I am kinda runnin' out of new stuff to write about; so I present a near-meme, (ripped off from Robin), here it is:

Six Wierd Things About Me:

1) Even though I'm sure there are people who are further over on the scale than I am on this, I am soooooo not afraid to admit that I am considerably nerdy. How nerdy am I? I am so nerdy, that I am tremendously enjoying the smell of my new MacBook. Seriously, I took it out of the box and openly sniffed it right here where everybody could see me, and I didn't care. It smells really good.

2) I have a hard time with second-hand moisture. Sweaty handshakes, damp doorknobs, shared hand towels and wet knobs on paper towel dispensers (I'm talkin' about the ladies' room there) freak me out. When I was a kid, my grandparents noticed; now that I'm older, it's been pointed out by several dating partners -- If I find myself damn after being kissed and luuuuuved on, if it's wet, I'm gonna wipe at it, I just am. I feel bad for "wiping it off" where the giver of said affection can see what I'm doing, but I can't stand bein' damp. You can bet that if I'm gonna give you a little kiss, I'm not gonna lick my lips first, 'cause that just ain't right.

3) I also have a considerable anxiety problem when it comes to dogs. They just make me nervous and I'd rather they didn't come near me. I've never been bitten or mauled, I just have this fear... Chavez (the little white Eskimo Dog affectionately known as "The Polish Frizbee Hound") even makes me a little antzy -- and he's our dog. The only two I can think of that don't make me completely freak out are Ruger ('cause he was just awesome, God rest his soul), and Angelina -- and I'm sure that's only because I kept twenty-pound ShadowCat from eatin' her and held her on my arm when she was eeny-teeny-tiny; she'd calmed down a lot the last time I went to G's house & saw her, and when she put her chin on my knee, it brought back a lot of memories. But I still don't want any lickin' or cold-damp-nose-pressin', nuh-uh, I guess that ties into Wierdness #2.

4) In spite of Wierdness #2, I do get a real kick out of... No, wait, I'd better not go into that here. Whups. Heh heh... Uhm, replace that with this: Whenever I log in to websites (like Blogger) and I see the check-box that says "Remember Me," I always hear Willie Nelson singing "Remember me, when the candle light is gleaming; remember me, at the close of a long, long day; It would be so sweet, when all alone I'm dreaming, just to know you still remember me..."

5) I never touched a crumb of Chinese Food until Clay took me to "The China Cafe" (on South Lewis in Tulsa). I'd just never gave in and tried it -- but now I love the stuff. I'm jonesin' for Sweet & Sour and Fried Biscuits just from typin' the words! The wierd part: I've saved all those little slips of paper out of our Fortune Cookies. They're everywhere -- in my purse, shut in my checkbook, in the cupholders in my car, in my coat pockets, on the bathroom counter where I empty my jeans pockets; and there's a huuuuge handful of 'em in that little Dooney & Bourke "Essex" key fob that's been on my car keys since about 1996. The first winning Oklahoma Lottery ticket I ever had was when the Powerball was 37 and I'd played the lucky numbers from a cookie fortune.

6) I can't bring myself to turn loose of any of my old computers. I have this insane fear of what people might find -- because I remember buyin' my first Powerbook used and finding all kinds of stuff in there, from pictures to divorce papers. That same laptop also taught me several lessons the hard way, including that yes, repair techs really can recover the shit you try to delete before you drop it off ot have it worked on. I let My Mom give away my first ol' Apple IIe from gradeschool; but that was before there were hard drives, before there was the internet. I still have my old dead 33Mhz Packard Bell, I still have my 68K Powerbooks (both of 'em), I still have my first iMac (the first of the five-color ones, it's green) even though it won't start from its own hard drive and I can't find any way to copy my files over. I hang on to 'em because I'm just sure there's somebody out there who's nerdier than me and might be able to extract files I tried to delete -- from the "novel" I started in highschool to the frightening downloads from the last few years. Yeah, I'll admit that I have some stuff I wouldn't want anyone to see -- but I'm not about to give anyone a chance to see any of it!

So there ya go, "Six Points Of Wierdness," now go write about six of yours! ;)

More later... _\,,/


Anonymous kylejames said...

1) i like the old black and white movies on oeta(except the musicals). 2)i listen to classical music sometimes 3)i hate to be touched in any way by a male. 4) i hate mcdonalds fries. 5)i still like to watch the old tv show "rat patrol". 6)i hate chocolate milk of any kind. i like chocolate and God knows i like milk. so why can i not combine the two?

4:45 PM  

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