Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wow, its the 30th...

December is almost here.

And, it's a Snow Day. Uh, yeah, I like it just as much at thirty as I did at ten -- A whole Thursday to just stay home and do whatever I want.

Not that I don't have fifty million other things I should be doing, but still, stayin' home in the middle of the week is a pretty sweet deal because I've got a lot of knitting done. I've been knitting like nobody's business! Like I said before, I'd love to post pictures, but I don't want to spoil any Christmas Surprises. Once I'm done with this here batch of Christmas goodies, I'll hopefully be learning some new tricks -- maybe I'll be a better knitter by next Christmas and I can do up a set of something totally different every year; ya know, make it a habit like Grandma used to do. One year we'd all get Disney stuff, the next year NASCAR, then Craftsy stuff like quilts or birdhouses... I'll never forget the Eskimo Joe's year -- I still have the Eskimo Joe's Velcro Wallet that I'm just sure got put in my box by mistake; It's still in a dresser drawer somewhere and I'm sure there was a fe-mulleted butch cousin who was missing out on part of her Christmas gift that year. Heh heh... Part of me thought I should edit that out, but most of me doesn't care -- Must be Cabin Fever sneakin' up on me.

I do get a kick out of the Snow Day deal though, it's nice to be able to sit around in my pajamas all day and just knit and watch TV. Of course, TV sucks, so I've been back & forth between CD's and DVD's; Knitting and Snacking with Robert Earl Keen and Widespread Panic and NPR. I stocked up on yarn when they said the storm was coming, so I'm all set there -- but I wasn't anywhere near hungry when I dashed in for yarn, so I wasn't thinkin' about snacks. I'm sure that once the last of the Doritos & microwave mac-n-cheese are gone I'll be wishing I'd brought the fourwheeler home so I could sneak across the highway for some Old Town Enchiladas & Chips, but I know that even that's only good for a couple trips before people start to talk -- "Here comes that chick on the fourwheeler again, gawdamn, don't they keep any groceries at home?" I don't think we have anything ATV-ish around here that runs anymore though, and I really don't want my car out in the ice for some ay-hole to smash into. If lack of transportation can force me to eat healthy, then so-be-it.

I still say we don't have a "Fall" or a "Spring" around here -- we're always either baked or frozen. Wednesday morning when I went out to the car on my way to work, it was warm & humid and just pretty darn nice; I'm talkin' about the kind of weather that's perfectly condusive to outdoor nudity. Ten minutes later when I parked my car and got out to go into the shop, it was cold, and by the end of the day it was pretty damn frosty.

Then this morning the car was covered over with about half an inch of ice. It's in the garage now though, since nobody could remember if any of us had checked the anti-freeze. I swear, it was Mom's idea to put "The Amazing $400 Ranger" out in the snow so the SHO could melt off indoors, I didn't ask, she offered, so there it is.

I wish I could turn on the comments for this last post of NaBloPoMo, but the "post and comment options" box doesn't appear on the MacBook and I don't know why... Must be something to do with the difference between Internet Explorer and Safari or something else I haven't figured out yet. But I'm still very happy with the new Mac.

More later...


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