Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Disjointed Tuesday!

A voice that sounds a lot like "Apu" from "The Simpsons" asks for "A blinker for a Honda Civic."

I tell him that we handle Ford parts, we've never had any Hondas around here, and that he might want to check with ____ down the street.

Silence. Tick. Tock. I think about hangin' up, but...

Then the Apu voice says "Hello?"

For lack of a more interesting response, I say hello back.

"Uhm, Hello, I need a blinker for a Honda Civic."

I'm sure there are a thousand hilarious responses here, but Humor is lost on certain people and that's a waste of effort.


Amazon-Dot-Com Knows who's-who around here:


Do they also know that my Hotweels Addiction is to the point that I, at age 30, actually took My Mom to the toy department with me last night? Do they know that there's a little red Aston Martin V-8 Vantage rollin' around in my purse right now? Also, if Amazon-dot-com were sharing information, what would the people at Dooney & Bourke think about that??

Yeah, that's what I thought... It is wierd as hell, isn't it?


The crusher is leavin' right now, the first truck just pulled out. I wish I could have shot more video... I took a few more pictures yesterday afternoon -- there's something so strange about being able to look at this picture and say "I drove that Thunderbird when we first hauled it in here."


Hmmm... I wonder if "Comment Spam Guy" is on the prowl again...


More later. _\,,/

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