Friday, May 04, 2007

English Major

I love my NPR, I really do. I even listen in the shower.

This morning, with conditioner in my hair and toothpaste in my mouth, I heard something that made me wonder.

The piece was about Wind Farms and how they're building one in Delaware. Hmm... Interesting. There's usually plenty of wind blowing around, we'd about as well use it -- and generating electricity with wind doesn't produce any harmful smoky side-effects either. Sounds like a good deal...

Then I heard the voice on the radio say "building the first and largest off-shore wind farm..."

What the hell? If it's the First, then as of yet, it's the only one, isn't it? If it's the only one, then how is it the biggest one? If it's the only one there is, then there's not a smaller one to compare it to that would make it the biggest.

Wouldn't it also be the smallest? The greenest? The purple-est? The Loudest and the Quietest? The Tallest and the Shortest?

If it's the First, then there's only one!

Okay, I'm steppin' down off my soapbox now.

More later... _\,,/

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